Jujutsu Kaisen: all about the Cursed Wombs and their importance

This is how Cursed Wombs work in Jujutsu Kaisen.

The Cursed Wombs are one of the most talked about topics during the history of Jujutsu, and it is that these organic elements have given much to talk about since the Meiji Era, since these were created as part of an experiment of one of the most powerful and evil shamans that have existed. In fact, it is because of this that today there are certain problems involving the war between curses and shamans.

On many occasions this type of event has been named in which a shaman had the ability to produce hybrids between humans and curses through a girl who could give birth to these kinds of evil beings. If you want to know a little more about these uteruses, then we leave you All the information you need to understand how they work.

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Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Wombs

What are Cursed Uterus in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Cursed Uterus from Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen shows what the Cursed Wombs are like

As its name suggests, Cursed Wombs are wombs capable of generate special grade cursed spirits using a half-human, half-curse formula to turn them into a type of hybrids that are stronger than common lower-grade curses. Noritoshi Kamo was the shaman responsible for making this atrocity possible by using a young woman who could give birth to curses, with which he was able to experiment creating up to nine cursed wombs during the Meiji erabeing mainly three that he initially saved to prevent them from dying by turning them into curses, who would be Choso, Esou and Kechizu.

How the Cursed Uterus technique works

Jujutsu Kaisen in Noritoshi Kamo

Noritoshi Kamo was the creator of the Cursed Wombs in Jujutsu Kaisen

Apparently the Cursed Wombs are something that could be re-produced in Jujutsu Kaisen if you have the necessary tools. The formation of does through a special grade cursed item, such as Sukuna’s Fingers. If you have this, the uterus will take care of absorbing the cursed energy of said object to go generating a curse little by little until you can give birth.

When the cursed uterus is in process, it usually draw the attention of other curses, perhaps for protection or to continue consuming more cursed energy. In turn, when the special grade curse is finally born, this usually stay for a while at the site of his birth.

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What powers do the curses of the Cursed Wombs have?

Choso of Jujutsu Kaisen

Choso is one of the Cursed Wombs curses in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Cursed Wombs are made to create special grade cursed spirits, although it is not known if this can vary in any way. However, this means that the curses originating from this type of birth are powerful, but their special abilities and physical appearance they are determined depending on the type of special grade cursed item that was used.

If there’s one thing all known Cursed Womb curses have in common, it’s the Blood Manipulation Technique. Choso, Esou and Kechizu have this special ability, even though they are not part of the Kamo Clan, and this is because they were made with the cursed energy of the ancestor of Noritoshi Kamo, and therefore they have the ability to master the technique with their own styles.

Keeping all this information in mind is important for understand what happens during the plot of Jujutsu Kaisen because the Three Cursed Brothers are part of Suguro Geto and Mahito’s recent alliance, so it’s possible that other special curses from Cursed Wombs cause problems in the future.

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