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jujutsu kaisen Y bleach perhaps they have more in common than you imagine, and although the first impression you have of them is that ‘they don’t look that much alike’, you should probably think twice. Will not be the curses of jujutsu and the Hollows of bleach beings with the same nature?

While we leave you to reflect a little on it, we tell you that in Twitter we learned about an upcoming collaboration between the creators of both franchises: Tite Kubo Y Gege Akutami.

The official count of jujutsu kaisen ad the official sale of a book for fans this March 4, 2021. With around 10 pages full of conversations and debates that both authors have had, unpublished information from both works will surely be revealed.

Jujutsu Kaisen and Bleach authors Gege Akutami and Tite Kubo have announced that they will release a collaborative fanbook in March.

The publication ends by promising that color images will also be published with the favorite characters from each manga, drawn by the other. So you can already imagine another epic crossover by the pens of two successful mangakas of the Weekly Shōnen Jump.


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From the point of view of the community, it is quite interesting to see this type of interaction, since Tite Kubo could be considered a veteran author of the magazine, who has returned to the spotlight after years, buoyed by the return of bleach to the anime.

While Gege Akutami has openly expressed his admiration for Kuboat the same time jujutsu kaisen it remains a stable favorite in the manga market with each new issue.

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This fanbook and art crossover will definitely be a must for fans of these works.

Would you like this collaboration between bleach Y jujutsu kaisen? Let us know in the comments.