Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 163 has just been released! Here is our review!

Last week came out chapter 162 in which Itadori and Fushiguro each received different information on the position of their prey: Hiromi Higuruma. Itadori to go to Ikebukuro and Fushiguro at Shinjuku. The chapter ended with the appearance of a totally unknown exorcist surrounded by what could be a multitude of IOUs and complaining that it takes time to bring him his next pigeon. It is also in this chapter that Itadori is guided by a young man who seems to know him but whom he does not remember at all.

Itadori Yoji

This week’s chapter opens with a flashback from Rin Amai, Itadori’s guide. This flashback explains in particular how the two protagonists met and why Amai remembers Itadori so well.. And as Amai guides Itadori to Higuruma’s landmark, he is remorseful for the trap he seems to have led Itadori into. For his part, Fushiguro finds himself face to face with the exorcist at the end of the previous chapter, a man named Lazy. Fushiguro wastes no more time and immediately summons his Jade Hound and thus prepares to confront Lazy and potentially the young woman who trapped him.

Fushiguro and his jade dog
Fushiguro and his jade dog

At the same time, Itadori meets the man he has been looking for so much: Higuruma and tries to negotiate peacefully with him. However, Higuruma is not cooperative, explaining that the death hunt suits him perfectly and allows him in particular to apply his vision of justice. Itadori decides, like Fushiguro, that there is no more time to waste and puts himself in a fighting position against Higuruma, who does not seem alone. How will each of the fights go? Will Fushiguro succeed in joining Itadori in order to lend him a hand? Or will Itadori have to fend for himself against Higuruma?