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the series of jujutsu kaisen continues to increase its popularity, not only because of the history of sorcerers and curses, but also because there are characters who are very powerful, as well as have earned the affection of more than one fan, including who stands out the most is one who belongs to the elite Clans of the work and it is neither more nor less than Maki Zenin.

Maki has become a favorite of many since her appearance in both the manga and anime series, but we will see her again in the prequel movie. Jujutsu Kaisen 0which will be released on March 24 in theaters in Mexico and that fans will be able to learn a little more about his past.

The skilled Maki Zenin

Through Instagram, the cosplayer Japanese @ltl_ph_86 shared a version identical to Maki Zenin, and it could be said that this is what it would look like if the character came to life. Meanwhile, it can be seen that she is the same outfit that she is currently in the second year of the Tokyo Academy of Magic.

Source: Instagram @ltl_ph_86

As you can see, Maki wears a pair of cursed energy goggles that allow her to see curses, as she poses in the forest along with one of her cursed weapons to slay any demons.. No doubt it’s a reference to when he faced Kasumi Miwa at the Sister Schools Exchange Festival.

Without a doubt it was one of the greatest battles he could have Jujustu Kaisenbut Maki’s power is surprising and shows that it comes from the Zenin Clanwith high-speed attacks and the use of cursed tools, which allowed him to even win.

Surely Kasumi Miwa will be very close to that place to face her again, but even the fans are more than excited to see Maki back in action.

what did you think of this cosplay maki’s jujutsu kaisen?


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