Jujutsu Kaisen: Could the Cult of Geto work in real life? – melty

By Juliet

– Posted on 14 Oct 2022 at 10:30

In the film Jujutsu Kaisen 0, we discover that Geto Suguru has set up a cult around his person. But would this cult work in our world?

Before being possessed by Kenjaku, Geto Suguru had a strategy of his own to seize power. The film Jujutsu Kaisen 0, released in theaters at the beginning of the year, highlighting precisely this stratagem. According to him, ordinary humans were inferior creatures to exorcists. He had then made it his mission to eradicate them in order to create a world in which the exorcists would be completely free to use their many powers.

In order to carry out his plan, Geto needed to amass power by collecting as many plagues as possible. So he created a cult around his person through which ordinary humans had become his purveyors of plagues. Particularly effective, his cult, or sect as you want, would very well allow him to prosper quietly in life without being noticed. But this situation is eerily similar to some stories that we have inevitably heard about in our world. So a question comes to mind: would the cult of Geto have had a chance to work in our world?

What was the point of Geto having a cult in his name?

Geto was not known to be a caring and empathetic person, especially towards ordinary humans. Nor was he looking for worship. If Geto created a cult, it’s because he saw a point in it. Indeed, in the early chapters of Jujutsu Kaisenwe are told that the plagues arise from the accumulation of negative feelings experienced by humans.

The plagues arise from the accumulation of negative feelings experienced by humans

Our society being more and more stressful, oppressive, tiring, etc. So it would make sense that many of us are haunted by one or more plagues. And that’s what Geto was counting on. By creating a cult, he could “free” ordinary humans from their plagues. Plagues which he did not destroy, but which he kept in order to use them as weapons. Geto further boasted at one point that he had over 1000 plagues at his command.

That was for some of his cult members. The other part, the funderswas made up of ordinary humans who were able to finance the cult of Geto and to whom the latter promised their freedom from a plague. Once their financial resources were exhausted, they were simply sacrificed in order to prevent them from turning against the cult..

Would the cult of Geto be as popular in our world?

There is a good reason for the popularity of the Cult of Geto in Jujutsu Kaisen 0 : his relationship with his followers. Indeed, those who came to ask him for help were dealing with a charismatic, benevolent, friendly, protective, almost omniscient man. This image they encountered then excused all the little eccentricities of Geto, judged as the whims of a being blessed by the Gods.

Also, unlike other mediums, Geto had instant results. These results ensured that he had excellent free publicity from people who came to him for help.. And nothing beats a good opinion, especially when it’s free, to promote and develop your small business.

Jujutsu Kaisen

The immediate results that Geto Suguru obtains make his cult would certainly have a great success in our world.

These disciples also ensured Geto a real protection against any form of criticism. By having such a positive image and so much support, the character of Geto would most certainly end up with a status equivalent to that of a God. One could even bet that some die-hard supporters would then do anything to spread the word of their saint. On the other hand, Geto would continually manage to find backers. And even if the disappearances were to be more and more numerous, the supporters of the cult would certainly intervene to protect it.

Finally, come to think of it, if such a cult were to see the light of day in our world, not only would it work particularly well, but in addition only Geto (or his equivalent) would be the winner. Fortunately, plagues do not exist, at least as far as we know.