Jujutsu Kaisen director presents Project Bullet/Bullet, the anime he ‘always wanted to do’

Disney teams up with Sung Hoo Park, a genius when it comes to creating amazing action scenes

Yesterday there were different special announcements in an event of Disney. Despite being focused on the Asian public, the vast majority of productions presented will have an international premiere, and in addition to the bombshell about the exclusivity of Tokyo Revengers, it should be noted Project Bullet/Bullet, the new from the director of Jujutsu Kaisen.

After his time at MAPPA, working on works like The God of Highschool or Jujutsu Kaisen 0, Sung Hoo Park he chose to change the scene and found his own animation studio: E&H Production. It should be noted that it was revealed some time ago that this artist was up to an anime for Adult Swim called Ninja Kamuiand now we know that at the same time he is also busy with another really ambitious work.

First details of Project Bullet/Bullet

  • Project Bullet/Bullet introduced himself to the world with image that I show you just above, from which you can intuit three protagonists and one futuristic setting with Trigun or Sabikui Bisco dyes⭐
  • GAGA (Estab-Life: Great Escape, Flip Flappers) is co-producing the series with E&H Production
  • There is no premiere window yet, but it was confirmed that It will be distributed exclusively through Disney+.⌛✅
  • And the most surprising fact, as told from ANNis that Park spent A DECADE crafting the story of Project Bullet/Bullet; Without a doubt, it is the anime that he always wanted to do❗❗❗

It seems that there will be a long wait until Park and company are ready to share more information about Project Bullet/Bullet. What is clear to me is that if he does it and there are fights, the animation will be spectacular.