Jujutsu Kaisen Explains Main Weakness Of Megumi’s New Domain

Jujutsu Kaisen explained the main weakness of Megumi Fushiguro’s new domain extension with the new chapter of the series! Gege Akutami’s original manga series The Culling Game Arc is in full swing, and previous chapters of the series have already shown Yuji Itadori successfully convincing Hiromi Higuruma to add a new rule to possibly help Megumi’s sister. . But as for Megumi himself, he was instead caught up in a wizarding scheme to make a few quick remarks and now must fight for his life in order to not only survive, but fight his way back to his sister.

As the battles in Tokyo Colony #1 continue with the new chapter of the series, Megumi has had to deal with some of the strangest cursed techniques yet. But while strange, they were also surprisingly powerful as Megumi had to do all sorts of tricks to take one out on her current opponent Reggie. The previous chapter of the series then saw Megumi launch an improvised version of her Chimera Shadow Garden domain expansion, but the new chapter took it deeper and revealed its main weakness.

(Photo : Shueisha)

Chapter 171 picks up right after Megumi kicks off her domain expansion, but it’s revealed that it’s still the same kind of incomplete version of the domain that it debuted during the Death Painting Womb arc. Usually, Domain Extensions are some kind of last move of a wizard as an ultimate technique with an attack that will kill for sure, but his is incomplete and therefore does not include this type of attack. He instead used a nearby gymnasium, and because of that, it only serves to reinforce Megumi’s usual Ten Shadows technique.

Because of this, Megumi has now imposed a new weakness that he needs to bear the brunt of each of his Held Shadows. This ended up being something that Megumi was able to use to her advantage as Reggie had assumed it was a full domain, but it also reflects how much Megumi still needs to grow to better maintain a full version of her ultimate technique. But first, he must survive this fight.

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