Jujutsu Kaisen: Fan Makes Illustration to Explain How Cursed Energy Works

anime series jujutsu kaisenIn addition to being quite popular, features a system of powers somewhat scattered within the world of Japanese animation and mangathat is, it would be necessary to pay close attention to the moments in which they explain how it works in order to correctly understand the process of the cursed energy.

We cannot deny that the anime has been very explicit in explaining the function of the cursed energy in the wizards of the Tokyo Academy and even in the curses, but thanks to a fan known as Oceaniz, he has been in charge of making an illustration in which he relates all the concepts to give a better explanation of the cursed energy.

This is how cursed energy works in Jujutsu Kaisen

To start, cursed energy is created by negative human emotionsthese feelings can surround a place or an idea and as a result of that cursed spirits can be created, or, if the energy becomes something positive, it can turn a cursed technique inverted and that can produce an opposite effect.

Source: Oceaniz

In addition, it relates very well that cursed energy can be used for learnable techniquess, which can be taught to anyone. In cursed techniqueswhich are unique and part of a special ability and can finally be used to fights without any techniquesince it includes the famous Black Flash or the black flash.

Secondly, for the cursed techniques, these are derived in two, the famous domain expansion and a maximum techniquea clear example is what it does Satoru Gojō when he teaches Itadori how this type of technique works during one of the episodes of jujutsu kaisen.

Without a doubt, the fan related the basic concepts for those who are starting in this world of curses, spells and now you will be a good connoisseur of cursed energy.

are you a fan of jujutsu kaisen and the curses?


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