Jujutsu Kaisen: Fan performs an excellent Kento Nanami cosplay – Senpai

Kento Nanami is without a doubt one of the characters in jujutsu kaisen coolest out there, and now the mighty wizard has made it to the real world thanks to an amazing cosplay made by a true fan of Gege Akutami’s work.

Kento Nanami, as some may already know, is a first-grade jujutsu sorcerer or “shaman”, a former student of the Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College and Yu Haibara’s classmate.

He was also Yuji Itadori’s mentor, and we can remember him not only for his great style that characterizes him, but also for his style when fighting, because although he is not as powerful as Gojo, Without a doubt, his personality makes him look like one of the rudest and most reckless wizards of all.a fact that Mahito himself accepts after losing against him during their first meeting.

Photo: Instagram – @axel_cosplay

Now the mighty sorcerer arrives in an amazing cosplay of anime made by a boy, who really replicates the style of the character with great detail. The blue shirt, the watch, the glasses, the blond hair and of course the iconic tie with black spots accompany this great characterization of jujutsu kaisen.

And it may look like an anime cosplay not very complex to do, but sometimes what is apparently simple can also be difficult to copy, since it is not always possible to make a hyper-realistic replica of a certain character. And in the case of this cosplayerwe cannot deny that he is the spitting image of Kento Nanami.

In other news about jujutsu kaisenlet us remember that just this past weekend confirmed the second season of the anime which will be arriving until 2023.

What do you think of this cosplay? jujutsu kaisen with Kento Nanami?


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