Jujutsu Kaisen: Fanart shows Sukuna’s last appearance in the manga

A few days ago, chapter 181 of the manga by jujutsu kaisen Y brought to light new appearances of epic characters that could make the work created by Gege Akutamiin addition to the fact that a new arc has begun, but if you have not read it, do not worry, we will not give you many spoilers.

But within this story, what most caught the attention of the fans was again the appearance of sukunathe King of Curses, who came out in his full formbut it is not the first time that the character appears in this way, since previously in chapter 117 the author shared a special illustration.

Through Twitter, a fan known as TruitosArt decided to recreate this complete form of the antagonist, but this time more stylized lines are shown and it has a very interesting color design, especially with the details that have been added.

Source: TruitosArt

under the motto “Calamity”, the artist decided to portray the full form of this villain. Every fan of the franchise knows that his name is not from birth, but that the monk acquired it after becoming one of the beings who managed to obtain the deepest fears of human beings in jujutsu kaisen.

Without a doubt, Sukuna’s original appearance is quite scary and that is that for the moment it has appeared in the manga, but fans hope to see this form in the anime.because you will remember that the study in charge of producing the series is MAPone of the most popular studios and that has a great quality of animation.

do you expect to see in jujutsu kaisen Sukuna’s full form?


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