Jujutsu Kaisen: Gege Akutami laughs at the “mistake” fans noticed


It’s even refreshing that you can laugh at your own mistakes

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 181 gave us one of the most interesting battles of Yuta Okkotsu, one of the strongest sorcerers in the entire Culling Game, however there was a small detail that Gege Akutami missed and that his fans noticed. This manga had an error that was significant enough to warrant a clarification from the franchise.

In Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 181, Yuta Okkotsu scored 200 points in the Culling Game after defeating Takako Uro and Ryu Ishigori, as well as destroying Dhruv and Kurourushi. However, considering Okkotsu’s previous points, the total should have been 190 points, which is not insignificant. It may seem like a small mistake, but the Jujutsu Kaisen staff was quick to post a correction about the exact total.. What caused a funny reaction from the public.

So what caused the error? Gege Akutami shared an explanation for making a mistake and it had a lot to do with being excited about Okkotsu advancing in the Culling Game and quickly rising to the top of the points ladder: “I got too excited to give Okkotsu 200 points. and I ended up breaking the rules. What a big mistake. I’m sorry for making such a complicated mistake while talking about things I barely understand,” Akutami wrote.

Gege Akutami took his mistake in jujutsu Kaisen with humor

It’s great to know that Gege Akutami quickly accepts and apologizes for making mistakes like this, which although they don’t directly affect the plot, they can mean important changes in the lore. Also, it’s the last part of the mangaka’s explanation that makes fans laugh at the mistake. It’s refreshing for a manga creator to admit that they don’t even fully understand certain aspects of their own work like Jujutsu Kaisen.. Needless to say, it will be fun to work things out with Akutami as the manga progresses.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 181 also introduced a new character who could be another player in the Culling Game, as well as a self-insert figure for Gege Akutami. The new character is Charles Bernard, a French sorcerer who is also a mangaka who does not get along with his publisher and often acts with great vanity in front of other people’s work. We hope to see more of him in the following chapters.

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