Jujutsu Kaisen goes viral for this great crossover with Pokémon

The figures are adorable, what will be the third?

This fact may not be so predictable, however, Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen does like the eccentric. Despite only looking like a stocky soldier, fans who have followed the series closely know that the wizard loves all things that he looks flashy. That’s why the fan community knew that Gojo would be delighted with the new Jujutsu Kaisen statue that has gone viral in recent dayssince it takes characteristic elements of Pokémon and shares the style of its unmistakable mascot: Pikachu.

You have definitely read correctly. It seems to be a fantasy, but Pokémon and Jujutsu Kaisen have come together in a rather unexpected and creative way. The JMS Studios team has recently created a resin statue that fuses both Pikachu and Gojo Satoru in the same figure.

As you can see in this post, a fan on Reddit, named the_bad_rabbit, finally received his statue after placing his order last fall. The figure itself is pretty much perfect, as Pikachu is wearing Gojo’s signature cosplay. From his white hair to his headband to his pose, even Gojo would be amazed at how well Pikachu mimics the wizard. And at 17 inches tall, the Jujutsu Kaisen crossover has plenty of other details that aren’t coincidental, but instead have several references to both characters.


This crossover statue has fans so excited now that they’ve been receiving it in the mail, but unfortunately, JMS Studios advised that officially sold out. Both the red and blue variants are out of the market at the moment, but there is still hope for Jujutsu Kaisen fans. JMS Studios will soon release a Pokemon x Ryomen Sukuna statue that will reinvent Ash’s lovable companion as part of a bloody curse.

You can find the figure in this link if you are interested in buying this wild Pikachu statue. The figure will cost about 100 dollars, to which shipping costs will be added, and the shipping date is expected to be sometime in the next few months. This new figure will be the second of three that JMS Studios is producing for this line. The third has not been revealed yet, but it is expected to fuse Pikachu with Yuji Itadori..

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