Jujutsu Kaisen Is Getting An Adult-Themed Manga Series – Senpai

We know that there is a large group of Japanese and otaku who forcefully seek to oversexualize everything good that exists in the manga and anime industry, and that includes the acclaimed work of Gege Akutami Jujutsu Kaisen, which will have its own manga series or doujinshi for adults (hentai).

Of course, this is not an official version, although obviously there must be a whole process of legal agreements to be able to market this manga “fanzine” which has been listed by the Japanese distributor Toranoana.

El doujinshi hentai de Jujutsu Kaisen is written and illustrated by Oka Aiue, famous for his doujinshi Ijirare: Fukushuu Saimin Y Saimin Seishidou that even already have their anime adaptation. But as for the Akutami sorcerers, this one will be named Dakuon: Jujutsu Saimin specifically focusing on the character Nobara Kugisaki and referring to the genus Saimin also known as “mind control”.

Foto: Toranoana

According to the information the doujinshi was released during the Comic Market (Comiket) 99 convention held at the end of December 2021, however, has not yet been officially distributed. It is worth mentioning that since it is a novel that “parodies” a real franchise as famous as Jujutsu Kaisen, it is impossible for this to receive an anime adaptation, at least not an official one.

On the other hand, it is important to point out that strange urgency on the part of the hentai industry and some fans of manga and anime, to oversexualize all the female characters of the various series that exist, “reifying” the image of women over and over again. .

This is how we have seen it tireless times with the characters of Evangelion, Dragon Ball, Naruto and an endless number of works that unfortunately their enormous success has led them to fall into the underworld of pornography, which we know sells a lot, but that does not mean that their actions are annoying or offensive to others, even to the same authors as Hideaki Anno who on more than one occasion has shown dissatisfaction with the oversexualization of Azuka and Rei.

What do you think of the idea of ​​Jujutsu Kaisen getting its own adult manga series?


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