Jujutsu Kaisen: its creator explains the secret to creating good villains

I’m sure the name sounds familiar to you. Gege Akutamisince it is the creator of the series of anime jujutsu kaisen; Well, now that you have it in mind, let’s talk about the fact that during a recent interview he took the opportunity to tell us about his trick to create good villains in the popular sleeve and anime.

That’s right, the mind behind the original manga by jujutsu kaisen, Gege Akutamihas known how to exploit the popularity of this great title of anime, and has done so for both manga and anime releases in recent years, something any of his fans will be able to tell you for sure; and that is why its fans have been attracted by the way the series Weekly Shōnen Jumpavoids much of the traditional formulas of action sleeve.

While at the same time adhering to specific elements of those formulas to create its own kind of story, more specifically, we could say that the series of animeaddresses its dynamic between the main character and the antagonist, something that is not so common in the sleeve current.

All this comes to light, thanks to a recent special interview with the creative in the most recent issue of the magazine Jump GIGAwhere the creator of the Jujutsu Kaisen series was asked about how the series has antagonists that are very convincing to not only fans of the franchise, but even convince most of their intentions to be evilly genuine, so he talked about his approach to creating these villains.

The result of this talk is none other than to show us what could be his infallible trick to create his villains, although in itself, it is not based on making them attractive or sympathetic, but rather, giving them clear objectives, which collide with the heroes to create a scenario where their natural rivalries are evident.

“There is no real need to make them likeable [personajes]”, started Akutami, “[Entonces] I think it’s vital to clearly show why the antagonist clashes with the convictions of the main character, and to establish that as the axis on which they act. It’s easy to give reasons behind irrational acts, but it’s very difficult to translate them into principles on which the characters act.” Also, he mentioned this as a given example of the idea: “There is Choso, who initially seeks the blood of yuji Itadori after defeating his brothers, but soon ends up becoming Yuji’s ally thanks to their surprise connection found during their initial confrontation.”

That is why this anime series has managed to introduce many more antagonists than usual, especially if we talk especially about the current arc of Culling Gameand although Kenjaku certainly stands out overall as the main planner as they have had many smaller enemies with their own compelling characteristics while at the same time each of them have been pursuing their own goals with intense fervor and that has led them to all at hand so far.