Jujutsu Kaisen Kills Another Female Character And Proves A Big Problem Of The Series

The story could lose meaning if Yuki dies.

Jujutsu Kaisen Characters

Kenjaku, the millennial shaman who now possesses the body of Suguru Geto He is one of the most feared antagonists of Jujutsu Kaisen, so if he managed to sow chaos and create the hybrid-humans he has as his goal, it would be the end for the City of Sendai. However, the presumed death of Yuki Tsukomu has terrified fans of Jujutsu Kaisensince if it turned out to be true, this would mean that he is one step closer to achieving his evil plans.

But what really brings us here is that Yuki’s death has exposed a problem with female characters powerful in the sorcery series.

In the first place, Yuki Tsukome belongs to one of the three special grade jujutsu sorceresses what are left In other words, she is one of the most powerful witches in the community. One of her main abilities is the immense amount of cursed energy from her that she can wield at will with perfect technique that is only a product of experience. That is, Yuki is aware of how to enhance her strengths or neutralize her weaknesses. Thus, during the confrontation against Kenjaku, Yuki proved that her categorization as a special grade was authentic..

In other words, Yuki can control star fury, extend his dominance to vast terrains, and use reversal to reverse cursed effects on his enemies. But unfortunately, even though the audience finally sized the level of power that the heroine was holding, Kenjaku magically found a weak point that would leave her chest open and, most likely, dead.

Why is Yuki Tsukumo’s death so problematic?

Now then, if Yuki was defeated in this terrible way, it means that she is directly the first transcendental woman to die in the series, though not the first time they’ve been dropped from the series indirectly. Thus, it would be possible to point to an evident tendency to end the most important female characters of Jujutsu Kaisen in different ways beyond murder. For example, there are many male characters who have died, leaving a trail behind them for the audience, but making it clear that it’s just a necessary evil to put it mildly.

Returning to the subject of Yuki, before her many fans will remember that the death of Nobara Kugisaki (at the hands of Mahito, Kenjaku’s partner) had its repercussions in history, since she was one of the fandom’s favorites. And this has her good reasons. Nobara was a promise for the generation of Jujutsu Kaisen sorcerers.. Her personality was remarkable among her classmates, of great intelligence and assertiveness, the sorceress knew how to solve the most difficult situations.

Furthermore, one of the key pieces in stopping Kenjaku was Riko Amanani, a teenager who volunteered to become Master Tengen’s vessel, but before doing so she was murdered in cold blood by Megumi’s father, Toji Fushiguro. So again we are faced with removing obstacles for Kenjaku to move forward.


Yuki vs. Kejakui and Jujutsu Kaisen

In this list we should not forget that Rika Orimoto was such a powerful spirit who became known as the Queen of Curses. Perhaps with that name we can get an idea of ​​what she was capable of. But, in case you don’t know yet, it was she who was in charge of ending the life of the special grade sorcerer Suguru Geto (in which Kenjaku is now housed). In itself, we cannot affirm that she was murdered as such, but she was cut out of history emphatically.

Many will be able to confirm that its existence has extended to Maki Zenin, who at the moment has her important role in the series. But, besides her, what other female character has been killed in the battle between sorcerers until the end? Little by little, the cast has been diluting their presence in the most problematic settings of the series. So those who are still inside Jujutsu Kaisen no longer have the same power and if Yuki also disappears, this would confirm that the cast of the wizard series is prioritizing male characters.

We still don’t know if Yuki Tsukumo will survive, but to be honest, it’s very difficult for her to recover from the fatal wound that Kenjaku inflicted on her. Although, of course, it is a fact that the villain will make sure that she is no longer a danger to her interests. Either way, Yuki’s death would open the way for the enemy to fulfill her goals and further reduce the number of important female characters.