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One of the most popular anime in recent years is ju jutsu kaisen. This creation of Gege Akutami he immediately earned a place among hundreds of spectators. This is perhaps because of their characters so unforgettable that they have already begun to receive works from fans. Like this Maki cosplay.

The beloved aspiring sorceress is brought to life by the cosplayer known as Pittsaba. With her characterization it seems to perfectly capture what this character is. It shows that she did a great job to get a look as faithful as possible to how we see her in the anime.

To begin with, we find that this Maki cosplay recreates her outfit very well. Pittsaba is dressed in a typical Japanese student outfit, which is in keeping with her story. Not to mention her green wig that she has just sold us, which is really the heiress of the Zenin clan.

This Maki cosplay is the work of Pittsaba
Source: Pittsaba
Pittsaba gives us a Maki cosplay
Source: Pittsaba
1660779343 138 JuJutsu Kaisen Makis cosplay will bewitch you stronger than Sukuna
Source: Pittsaba

As if the characterization were not enough, Pittsaba chose a very good setting for his photographs. In addition to making us think that it is in the land of the rising sun, it also gives the impression of being one of the places in the anime. There is no doubt that he wanted to do justice to Maki with your work.

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This Pittsaba Maki cosplay is one of the best received by her fans. Although that does not detract from the rest of her work. With a return to his instagram they will realize the talent that he transmits with each characterization. Surely soon he will give us one of another character that he likes.

Who is Maki in JuJutsu Kaisen?

Maki Zenin is one of the most important characters ju jutsu kaisen and its prequel. She is a member of one of the most prestigious sorcerer families. However, she was born without magic so she was assigned to servitude along with her sister. That is why he wants to prove his worth and learn sorcery.

This is Maki in the anime
Source: MAPPA

Despite not having magic, she becomes quite a skilled combatant who uses multiple tools.. Not to mention that she has some superhuman powers that make her one of the strongest in the manga and anime. Do you think cosplay did justice to Maki?

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