Jujutsu Kaisen: Model creates a sexy cosplay of Sukuna, the

Ryomen Sukuna gets hotter than ever thanks to the sexy cosplay of a model and fan of jujutsu kaisen who gives us an incredible female version of the king, or should I say “queen of curses”.

Once again the genderbend takes over the anime and through the highly acclaimed cosplay that all otakus love so fervently. Previously, various characters have been “subjected” to gender change by the fans, such as, gyutaro of Kimetsu no Yaibaand even the dear kaiosama of dragon ball.

But this time it’s one of the series of the moment, one that simply does not decrease in popularity and even less so now that its first film has been placed as one of the highest grossing in Japanese history and I think anime in general. I’m talking about the anime based on the work of Gege Akutami of which, one of its most relevant characters has come to life in an excellent femme cosplay.

Photo: Instagram – @xandrastax

the amazing anime cosplay comes from artist and Instagram model @xandrastax who has simply created the best version of Sukuna ever. I mean, this characterization has it all.

Photo: Instagram – @xandrastax

We can see how he wears a white robe just like the one the character wears when we see them inside Yuji sitting on his throne. This girl integrates some pink hair like young Itadori’s and combines it with her natural long hair.

The cosplay of anime integrates some of body painting to recreate all the marks on the body of the king of cursesand we cannot leave aside the spectacular makeup that perfectly recreates Ryomen Sukuna’s facial marks, as well as the small eyes on her cheekbones, all combined with an incredible eyeliner to give a “feminine” touch to the entire look. look that just looks great.

It should also be mentioned that the expansions that the artist wears in her ears add a lot of style to this version of Sukuna, not to mention the finger that finishes making this cosplay something quite spectacular.

what did you think of this sexy cosplay from jujutsu kaisen with the female version of Sukuna?


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