Jujutsu Kaisen: Nanami Kento will show his skills in an amazing cosplay

One of the most popular series in recent months is jujutsu kaisenwhose first season ended a little over a year ago and its most recent prequel film has increased its popularity, and thanks to Gege Akutami, several characters were met who won the hearts of fans and a clear example is Nanami Kento.

All fans of the franchise will recognize this character, who was a student at the Academy of Wizardry and a first-grade shaman. and if you will remember, he established a very good relationship with the protagonist Yūji Itadoriafter teaching him some techniques and ways to defeat curses.

Through Instagram, the cosplayer Lilycos_universe shared an amazing version of Nanami from jujutsu kaisen and it is a complete tribute to this powerful and serious character, who charmed from the beginning with his nonchalance in any situation.

Source: Instagram @lilycos_universe

As you can see, the artist respects Nanami’s appearance very well, with very well-groomed blonde hair, as well as very well recreated the peculiar glasses he wears, which gives them a touch of seriousness and he looks more like an office worker than a wizard.

But that’s not all, as he even pulls off a tan suit, navy blue shirt and animal print tie very well. Meanwhile, we know that despite having a somewhat uncomfortable suit, he is able to put his cursed Proportion technique to the test.

We just hope that this version of Nanami from jujutsu kaisen don’t get easily irritated when it comes to fulfilling missions to catch the curses that affect normal people. What do you think of this cosplay from jujutsu kaisen?


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