Jujutsu Kaisen: Nobara is one of the best female shonen leads

Despite having only one season broadcast, the anime jujutsu kaisenis about to bring us a second one, but what we have seen so far is enough to ensure that nobarahas become one of the favorite characters among fans of the animeand it is not about her beauty, not even about her power, her popularity perhaps lies in her powerful personality.

we must admit, that the character has become the center of attention, because without leaving aside gojo Y megumiIt is only enough to accept that few characters in the series generate as much talk as Nobara, and that is that after all, the jujutsu sorceress is one of the strongest protagonists of the series. animeand that’s why her voice actress took the time to reveal her charm in a recent interview.

All this happened during Crunchyroll Expowhere fans and media alike had the opportunity to speak with Anne Yatkothe voice actress behind Nobara for the English dub, it was there that the star spoke about Nobara’s best qualities and admitted that the heroine has become a role model in her own life:

“I think what resonates with everyone is that Nobara is a person who is completely realized. She comes in already completely comfortable with who she is. I think that speaks to people because it’s like she’s saying and doing the things that we wish we had the courage to do it every day. So she’s my hero.”

“I want to be like her when I grow up and be like that. And specifically for women, she’s outside the usual mold of what’s shown in female leads. I think that sparks an interest in women and girls because they realize that this is what I can be. This is what we can all be. It’s such an honor to be able to play a role that’s so interesting. A girl, and she’s like one of the guys, but she’s also a girl.”

Whether she’s casting curses or planning a trip to the big city, Nobara has the kind of agency few shonen heroines get to experience, and there’s no illusion that the girl is a damsel in distress, compared to other series, as she Nobara is not an afterthought on their team, she can hit as hard as anyone else, and so they recognize the strength that lurks within her, growing her abilities.