Jujutsu Kaisen publishes a correction on manga chapter 181

The most popular manga series, jujutsu kaisenwhich is back this week with chapter 181 where the Culling Game continues with brand new fighters, but this arc has got a lot of fans hooked as things have gotten a bit messy for Yuta Okkotsu.

Okkotsu is one of the wizards participating in this event, but it seems that something has forced the series created by Gege Akutami to release an official correction on the latest chapterthus warning that there is an error that perhaps some did not notice.

This update comes directly from the PR team at jujutsu kaisen from Japan. The group made a statement on Twitter confirming that Chapter 181 has a bug, but it’s big enough to justify it.

If you haven’t read the manga yet jujutsu kaisen or you have not updated in these chapters, we suggest you stop reading the following spoilers about the franchisebut if you already read episode 181 and maybe you didn’t notice the mistake, stay behind these paragraphs.

this is what he said jujutsu kaisen: “Yuta Okkotsu should have 190 points instead of the 200 of the new manga chapter of the manga”commented. This is a very important detail, considering that they influence the Culling Gamejust as it is Yuta who has gained quite a few points since joining the event, but Ryo Ishigori gave him his points after Okkotsu was defeated.

In that sense, Yuta is in first place in terms of points, but victory is in the mind of the sorcerer and he has made it clear that he wants to reach the top for the sake of his master Satoru Gojou. It is a fact that there is still a lot of Culling Game ahead, but despite this flaw, Yuta is still in first place.


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