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Warning! Spoiler for Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 190

After wiping out several branches of his family clan, Maki Zenin enters Jujutsu Kaisen‘s Culling Game with a new attitude and new abilities that threaten to disrupt the games’ carefully crafted rules.

The Culling Game was started by Kenjaku as part of his quest to “evolve mankind” and usher in a “new era of jujutsu sorcery” with him as the central power. A massive “battle royale” in specially connected settlements across Japan, the Culling Game involves players created by Kenjaku, as well as anyone outside the settlements who has voluntarily entered it. Forced to enter the game in order to rescue Megumi’s sister, Tsumiki, and find a wizard who can free Satoru Gojo from the prison realm, Yuji, Yuta, Megumi and other students at Tokyo Jujutsu High School must abide by the onerous rules of the game that oblige them. kill others or be killed by having their curse techniques removed. The Culling Games also prohibit communication between colonies and prohibit escaping the colony system once participants have entered it.

The rules of the game severely limit Yuji and his classmate’s ability to complete their goals without killing others or getting themselves killed. Enter Maki Zenin. A “wizard” to whom the rules do not apply. Maki has always been an outlier in the wizarding community. Having almost no cursed energy, she nevertheless had strength, speed, and durability in near superhero-level proportions. After her twin sister, Mai sacrifices herself, in Gege Akutami Jujutsu Kaisen #149, to save Maki by removing the last remnants of cursed energy she retained, the limits of her physical abilities that the energy had imposed were released. Maki not only survived, but also found that her physical powers had increased to a degree far beyond any wizard or curse. She also came out of the transformation with a new “kill ’em all” mindset.

The “new” Maki erases two of the Culling Game’s most restrictive rules. First, since she no longer has cursed energy, she doesn’t have to fear her removal or death if she decides to refrain from killing others. She can basically do whatever she wants in a settlement without the gamemaster being able to penalize her. Second, without cursed energy, she can make herself invisible to wizards and curses. That is, she can enter, exit, and between settlements without the gamemaster or Kogane referees being notified.

The genius of having Maki participate is that now Yuji, Yuta, Megumi and the rest of the team, which is currently split between three settlements, can now communicate with each other thanks to Maki’s ability to move in and out of a settlement. without being noticed. She can also perform her own solo search operations in settlements without the required kills. Plus, with Maki’s new level of physical prowess, she could definitely provide the team members with some serious “combat support.” That’s to say, Maki ZeninEntering the game greatly increases the team’s chances of completing their mission and possibly saving the Jujutsu Kaisen world by stopping the game before Kenjaku achieves his goals.

The last chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen is now available on Viz Media’s Shonen Jump app!

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