Jujutsu Kaisen Reveals New Art For The Slaughter Game Arc

The readers of Jujutsu Kaisen always closely follow the evolution of the manga and Gege Akutami never ceases to delight them. As a massive battle awaits our heroes in the Game of Slaughter arc, new exorcists are gradually emerging. Friends or foes, they will have to trust their instincts to determine it.

Credits: Shueisha

All newcomers along with other well-known characters are brought together by the mangaka in a brand new artwork.


The Slaughter Game Participants

While Gege Akutami’s manga is still ongoing, new characters are appearing. If most of the time they are enemies, some can turn out to be allies. In the Game of Slaughter arc, eyes are on Itadori Yuji, Megumi Fushiguro, and Yuta. Okkotsu. Although they are the headliners of this new arc for now, other characters are making their debut in the manga.

We can take the example of the prosecutor Hiroshi Higuruma or Reggie. These characters are participants of the Slaughtering Game present in the first colony. If Hiroshi is a fair and justice-loving person, Reggie is his complete opposite. Apart from these characters, many others are to be discovered and you can already observe them in the new art of Gege Akutami.

After the Shibuya Incident

The Shibuya Incident arc was full of twists and turns, and Itadori came out of it truly bruised. During the battle between the exorcists and the plague group led by Kenjaku, Satoru Gojo was locked in another dimension. Kenjaku took advantage of having taken possession of the body of Suguru Geto, Gojo’s best friend, to make him let his guard down.

While the exorcists find themselves in bad shape, another disaster occurs. Sukuna manages to take control of Yuji’s body and performs a real massage. It’s a crushing defeat for the exorcists and Yuji is at his worst. However, he cannot feel sorry for himself, because he still has to redeem himself. It is at this moment that Yuta Okkotsu (protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen 0) comes to meet him.

With the help of Megumi, they will assemble a team to rescue Gojo. To do this, they are forced to take part in the Game of Slaughter organized by Kenjaku. However, they can only rely on themselves, as several factions within the Exorcists take a dim view of Yuji’s existence. Moreover, the fact that Gojo is trapped is a boon for those factions who dreamed of getting rid of him.

Franchise news

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the most popular franchises right now, both with the manga and the anime adaptation. Gege Akutami’s work has already sold more than 65 million copies worldwide. And such a score was obtained in just four years of existence.

This shows how the dark world of exorcists unleashes passions. We must also add to this, the success of the animated series. The first season of Jujutsu Kaisen has been talked about a lot and already has several records to its credit. The same is true for his animated film titled Jujutsu Kaisen 0, released in December 2021.

With so many feats under its belt, it’s no wonder fans are eager to check out Jujutsu Kaisen’s second season. And in view of what happens in the manga, the sequel promises to be even more intense. Gege Akutami has therefore not finished talking about him with his manga.

What do you think of the Game of Slaughter arc? What are your expectations for the sequel to the manga and anime? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Source : CBR