Jujutsu Kaisen Shares Megumi’s Grand Estate Makeover

Jujutsu Kaisen may spend a lot of time with Yuji and Sukuna, but the series is equally obsessed with Megumi. The skilled wizard has become a fan favorite, and their lavish powers don’t harm them one bit. In fact, Megumi is power enough to pique Sukuna’s interest, and the manga just proved why by giving her domain extension a serious upgrade.

If you want to see this change for yourself, Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 170 has what you need to know. The update follows Megumi as he battles another wizard in the Culling game. At first, the opponent’s strange contract-centric curses put Megumi on defense, but the chapter doesn’t end with him on the ropes. No, the cliffhanger comes out of its domain extension, and it looks different than you’ll remember.

In this new chapter, Megumi’s domain is completely black and her shadow textures are fully filled. As the wizard sits on the ground, it appears that part of a spine is hanging in midair behind him. A bunch of bones and nerves are shown clustered on Megumi’s shoulder, so that’s definitely new. Of course, the chapter ended before this realm could be used, but fans are sure that Megumi has improved her power.

There’s no doubt how much Megumi has grown since the last time he used his domain extension, and it shows in his new look. The Shibuya incident didn’t give our wizard a chance to test his domain, so fans are hoping Megumi can put him to the test now. And if Sukuna takes hold of that change, well – no doubt the curse would challenge Megumi to a fight.

What do you think of Megumi’s new domain extension? How do you think this technique will work now that the Culling Game is in effect? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @Megan PetersCB.