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To dehumanize the world, the Masters of Plagues know that it is necessary to oust at least one of the Exorcists: the charismatic Satoru Gojo, holder of the 3rd eye. On his own, he would be able to thwart all the attempts of the Scourge, as well as his former best friend returned from the dead: Suguru Geto. This is why the latter fomented a terrible plan to imprison Gojo the time to dismantle the rest of the Exorcists.

Drawn to level -5 of the famous Tokyo station, Satoru ends up sealed in a box specially designed to hold the most powerful creatures endowed with occult power: the Edge of Torment. But the rest of the school aren’t going to let the Scourgemasters win so easily… Although the plan orchestrated by these monsters prevents them from having their way. Indeed, an impressive number of civilians, ignorant of the occult life that exists alongside their daily routine, are trapped in the station. In contact with Mahito, the patched Master of Plagues, they become deformed zombies that must be eliminated in addition to the real enemies.

A terrible dilemma for the Exorcists who are precisely trained to defend Humanity by keeping civilians out of combat to avoid unwanted collateral deaths. However, in this context: difficult to spare anyone… Especially since the disciples of Suguru have no limit! Taking advantage of the general crush, they managed to kidnap Yuji, the central character of the series, to make him ingest the fingers of his host: Sukuna!

Gege Akutami, since volume 10, has raised the pressure crescendo, until its climax in volume 13. Mastering an exceptionally long arc in the series, already spanning 5 volumes without letting the final of the “Drama of Shibuya”. At a steady pace, the author tips the scales sometimes on the side of the Scourges, sometimes of the Exorcists, without allowing the reader to understand how the affair could end.

Having ingested too many fingers, in too short a period of time: Yuji could not restrain Sukuna who is having a field day in the station thus isolated from the rest of the world. Exorcists, humans, Scourges, … nothing stops him. If Mahito was already perverse and sadistic, Sukuna is even more so, going so far as to bet with his opponents. Especially with Jogo, the volcano-headed Master of Plagues, promising to join his cause if he manages to touch him, even once…

Suffice to say that Gege Akutami has fun with the reader’s heart. Each intervention of Sukuna is a delicious ordeal, the few fleeting appearances of Satoru Gojo prisoner of the Edge of Torments bring back a little hope where Yuji is completely annihilated by the pangs of his host… Enough to harpoon for good the public who is dying of impatience to read the sequel which is meant to be grandiose! Will Yuji subdue Sukuna? Will Gojo escape from prison? Will the civilians still alive manage to escape unscathed? Nothing is less sure…

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