Jujutsu Kaisen T. 16: The Drama of Shibuya: Closing – By Gege (…) – ActuaBD

Suguru Geto, on the cover of this volume, has more than one trick up his sleeve. After sending his emissaries to fight the exorcists, he deploys all his ingenuity, but also his plans on a global scale, to try to end it, even if it means revealing his true identity. He is more determined than ever to found a world without ordinary humans!

Leaving Yuji and the exorcists to face his last major summons, Suguru Geto disappears to give way to a new danger. Indeed, having locked up Satoru Gojo in “The Edge of Torment”, he also sentenced Yuji to his fatal sentence: death! Without his protector, our hero no longer has a deadline and the executioners responsible for putting an end to it are already on a war footing. The one sent by the Exorcist Society, Yuta, and the Zenin Clan’s heir apparent, Naoya.

©Gege Akutami / Ki-oon

Suffice to say that the action remains there, abandoning bloodthirsty monsters for others, with a more human appearance. Indeed, Yuta, hired to kill Yuji and his allies, has everything of a superhero. His entry into this volume is marked by his benevolent gesture towards a little girl about to be attacked by a demon. A likeable, easy-going, yet almost as powerful looking young man as Satoru Gojo.

Naoya Zenin is much less pleasant. Ambitious and calculating, he is determined to exterminate anyone who comes between him and the 27th title of Clan Chief Zenin. In this case, Megumi Fushiguro, who is expressly listed in Naobito Zenin’s will as the sole heir if by chance Satoru Gojo were to be dead or unable to make the slightest decision. The latter locked in the edge of torture, there is only one alternative left to Naoya: kill his rival!

Fighting still in perspective for this series which aims to be prolific in combat, magic and exorcism techniques with a little nod to the current master of horror, Junji Ito explained by Gege Akutami during one of his many interludes over the volumes.

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