Jujutsu Kaisen: The 10 Scariest Moments, Ranked

Jujutsu Kaisen is known for blurring the lines between the shonen and suspense anime genres. Much of the action that takes place in the series is more grotesque and violent than that of a standard shonen franchise.

The first season ofJujutsu Kaisenshowed fans loads of spooky moments, whether viewers feared for the life of a character or were mortified by what was being shown on screen.

10 Juzo’s desire to turn everyone into furniture is haunting

Juzo is a user of the curse who joins the attack on the Tokyo College, with the goal of turning Satoru Gojo into a coat rack. He fantasizes about it quite a bit, to the point where viewers are shown his idea of ​​the perfect human bone coat rack.

The way he insists on turning Satoru and other wizards into furniture is quite unnerving, and viewers should be thankful for never having seen the opportunity to make his dream come true. Juzo, a creepy character with a sinister agenda, sets the tone for what to expect from the antagonists of Jujutsu Kaisen.

9 The fight against Hanami had everyone on the edge of their seatsjujutsu kaisen los 10 momentos mas terrorificos clasificados 1

The fight against Hanami had many spectators on the edge of their seats at all times. Quite a few of the students face the cursed spirit of special grade, and not all of them come out completely unscathed. Inumaki hurts her throat badly just trying to push Hanami away, and Megumi ends up stuck by the spores that feed off her cursed energy.

Even when Yuji and Todo appear, the fight is not easy. Yuji and Todo narrowly avoid getting hit and impaled multiple times, fall from a great height, and have to deal with Hanami’s parasitic spores as well. The fight against Hanami was an amazing fight, full of suspense and fear for the well-being of many beloved characters.

8 The Yasohachi Bridge Murders Were Sudden and Spookyjujutsu kaisen los 10 momentos mas terrorificos clasificados 2

The Yashohaci Bridge mystery montage at the end of the first season featured a cursed spirit attacking victims seemingly at random. This leads to a sinister murder mystery that the main trio must unravel.

The stakes rise during the case when viewers learn that Megumi’s sister is a potential target of the cursed spirit behind these attacks. This puts a time limit on the case and makes it even more vital that the team find the cursed spirit and quickly defeat it. The stress of uncovering the mystery and the hope that the protagonists have enough time left make the entire arc a nail-biting experience.

7 Sukuna ripping out Yuji’s heart was unexpectedjujutsu kaisen los 10 momentos mas terrorificos clasificados 3

Once Sukuna took control of Yuji’s body for the first extended period, he immediately set out to wreak havoc and wreak havoc. Besides challenging Megumi to a fight, Sukuna upped the ante by ripping out Yuji’s heart. This cut terrified both Megumi and the public.

Many fans wondered if this would spell the end of Yuji, since it’s not exactly easy to come back after having your heart ripped out. The suspense that followed from not knowing what would happen to Yuji next or if he would return was severe. Luckily, viewers didn’t have to wait too long to see Yuji return and have his grief resolved.

6 That and Kechizu were a sinister couplejujutsu kaisen los 10 momentos mas terrorificos clasificados 4

That and Kechizu were cursed spirits that were unlike anything fans had seen up to that point in history. They were introduced as specialists tasked with hunting down heroes. Their twisted looks and strange sibling relationship establish them as one of the creepiest cursed spirits in the series.

His ability to fill his opponents with a curse-based lethal poison made them incredibly deadly, and he put Nobara and Yuji against the wall. There was a moment, for all onlookers, when they feared for their survival, but thanks to Nobara’s cursed energy techniques to counter them and Yuji’s resistance to poisons, they managed to dispatch the demonic duo with relative ease.

5 Everyone Was Afraid We Would Say Goodbye To Nanami Too Soonjujutsu kaisen los 10 momentos mas terrorificos clasificados 5

By unleashing his expanding domain, Mahito manages to trap everyone’s favorite hired wizard inside. At the time, many fans felt more than tense as they saw a character they had come to know and love facing imminent death. This was much harsher after learning that domain expansions are impossible to escape and always hit their targets once trapped inside.

Luckily, Nanami is saved by Yuji and Sukuna, and a wave of relief runs through all the onlookers. This is one of the many times in the series that a character comes face to face with death, compounded by the creepiness of Mahito’s dominance.

4 Junpei’s death set the tone for what was to comejujutsu kaisen los 10 momentos mas terrorificos clasificados 6

Although it only lasted for a few episodes, it was nice to see the friendship that blossomed between Yuji and Junpei. However, she was snatched away as quickly as she started, as a vengeful Junpei met his end at the hands of the cursed spirit he considered his friend.

Junpei ends up transforming into one of Mahito’s abominations and, shortly after, dies in front of Yuji. This unleashes a fury in Yuji that makes him desperate to kill Mahito, but also caused deep sadness and fear in the hearts of the onlookers. With Junpei’s death, it was shown that everyone in the series could die at any moment, and maybe Yuji or another beloved character would be next.

3 Yuji’s fight against the Finger Bearer spelled the end of the herojujutsu kaisen los 10 momentos mas terrorificos clasificados 7

Fighting against the special grade cursed spirit at the beginning of the series made the tension go from zero to one hundred quickly. The spirits seen on the show so far were nothing like this one. The immense speed and destructive blows of this spirit were terrifying to both the main trio and the fans.

When Yuji is left alone with the spirit, a one-sided affair begins, in which the spirit cuts off his hand and throws him through the maze like a toy. Luckily, Sukuna shows up to save the day in her twisted way. However, Sukuna isn’t a much better alternative, putting fans on an emotional roller coaster as they anticipate what will happen to Yuji next.

2 Mahito’s powers are creepyjujutsu kaisen los 10 momentos mas terrorificos clasificados 8

Mahito’s powers to warp the souls of living things into hideous creatures are truly gruesome. Viewers see many of Mahito’s victims throughout the series, and the amount of body horror they have endured can be disgusting and completely unnerving at times.

Every time Mahito appears on screen, a sense of dread is created as everyone worries about the grotesque beings he will create next and the lives of the people who will be ruined by his horrible transformations. It doesn’t help that Mahito is unconcerned about others and delights in the chaos he causes, so the number of times he will do this to innocent people is limitless.

1 The restaurant fire proved how monstrous villains arejujutsu kaisen los 10 momentos mas terrorificos clasificados 9

An infamous scene for those who have seen the anime, as the main group of evil evil spirits sets fire to a restaurant. What follows is an incredibly detailed yet traumatizing scene where everyone else in the restaurant is killed in the fire, either from burning to death or from encountering other unfortunate accidents in the chaos.

The scene is accompanied by melted meat, blood-curdling screams, and a lot of death. It perfectly sums up what cursed spirits are capable of and how little remorse they feel for humanity. A truly iconic scene for gruesome reasons, one that will haunt the minds of fans of Jujutsu Kaisen during years.