‘Jujutsu Kaisen’: The cute kitty that won Kim Kardashian’s Halloween costume contest

Many celebrities have thrown the house out the window and donned amazing costumes, but even with that, one kitty stole all the spotlight and was crowned the king of Halloween this year.

Halloween is one of the favorite times of the year because it is the time when you can dress up as your favorite characters. Now that the second season of chucky in Star Plusit is likely that we will see many recreating the costume of the diabolical doll. Although, there are classic costumes like Michael Myers either merlinevery year new characters are added to the catalog What Dhamerneighbor of stranger things or Art the clown from terrier 2.

Many celebrities join the celebration and take advantage of these dates to wear stunning costumes. This year The Kardashians gave a lot to talk about and not necessarily because of a new scandal in their series of Star Plus, but because of their incredible costumes. kim kardashian took the night with her characterization of Mystique of the X Men while Kendall Jenner surprised with his Jesse costume from toy story. But among all the costumes there was one that drove the internet crazy.

Who said that humans are the only ones who participate in costume contests? Furry friends also have a Halloween spirit and every year they surprise us with cute and fun costumesJust a few weeks ago a trend went viral on Tik Tok where owners went out with their pets dressed as cute little ghosts. There are those who exploit their creativity and take it to another level, as happened with a cute kitten that was baptized on the internet as Catoru Gojo.

If you are an anime fan, you probably already have an idea of ​​what the costume is about and we assure you that you will love the result. A few hours ago, the image of a kitten with a crazy hairstyle, a black mask and a blue turtleneck coat began to circulate on the internet. that made reference to Satoru Gojo, protagonist of the successful series jujutsu kaisen. The resemblance is such that with this we verify that if the Strongest Shaman will reincarnate in an animal it would have to be in a cat.


The series is currently on Crunchyroll.

The michi became the internet sensation and received many compliments from users who crowned it the best costume of the year. Perhaps The Kardashians would not be very happy with this decision but go, they have stolen the spotlight several times in their series of StarPlus, so this time it’s the furry little ones’ turn. Will there be more kittens coming from the Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College?