Jujutsu Kaisen: The Tragic Life of the Strongest Assassin Who Almost Killed Satoru Gojo

In the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, Satoru Gojo reigns supreme as one of the strongest, if not the strongest, Jujutsu wizard in the world. His Six Eyes and Limitless techniques are among the deadliest techniques known to the world of Jujutsu. He can easily take over the world if he wants to.

That being said, what most people don’t know is that there was a time when Satoru Gojo was nearly killed in a duel. What makes it even more surprising is the fact that the man who nearly killed the world’s greatest Jujutsu wizard is an assassin with no cursed energy or cursed technique. The name of this assassin is Toji Zen’in.

Who is Toji Zen’in?

As his name suggests, Toji Zen’in was a member of the prestigious Zen’in clan. However, unlike other Zen’in who possess powerful Cursed Techniques and an abundance of Cursed Energy, Toji had no Cursed Energy, meaning he also had no Cursed Technique.

In reality, Toji was born thanks to what is called a Celestial Restriction. This means that in exchange for not having any cursed energy, Toji received almost superhuman strength. His physical abilities easily surpassed those of first-grade or even special-grade wizards.

However, as a clan proud of its powerful and unique cursed techniques, Toji was never truly welcome in the family. In fact, he was often ostracized and treated like an outsider. This is one of the reasons why he decided to part ways with the Zen’in clan. He even went so far as to use his wife’s last name and reject his own last name. That’s why when Toji faced Satoru Gojo, he used the name Toji Fushiguro.

His life as an assassin


His terrible upbringing within the Zen’in family and his own warped personality allowed Toji to be an extremely ruthless assassin. Additionally, the fact that he has no cursed energy and possesses absurd physical prowess due to celestial restriction makes him an extremely effective assassin, especially against Jujutsu wizards, earning him the nickname of “Sorcerer Killer”.

Toji was shown using conventional weapons, like guns and katanas. However, when he goes on a mission to kill a Jujutsu wizard, he uses various cursed weapons instead. These weapons are stored in a cursed spirit that can shrink its own size to that of a coin.

As a person with celestial restriction, his five senses are tuned to the highest level of sensitivity, to the point that he can even sense the slightest change in temperature or air movement. This is also the reason why he can see and use his cursed spirit storage despite having no cursed energy. His eyes are just too sensitive to allow him to see cursed spirits.

The time Toji almost killed Satoru Gojo


Toji has killed countless Jujutsu wizards throughout his life as an assassin, but the highlight of his career has to be the time he nearly killed the world’s strongest Jujutsu wizard, Satoru Gojo. Besides that, he also defeated Suguru Geto, another special grade wizard, at the same time.

It happened when young Gojo and Geto were assigned by High Jujutsu to be the bodyguards of a young girl destined to become the Star Plasma Vessel, a being believed to merge with Master Tengen in order to strengthen and stabilize the powers of the latter.

Toji managed to sneak between Gojo’s six eyes and stab him in the back. After that, whatever kind of limitless techniques Gojo throws at him, Toji has the perfect answer for them. He prepared the cursed weapons needed to deal with Gojo’s supposedly unbeatable techniques. The fight ends with Toji slitting Gojo’s throat and stabbing his forehead. So yeah, Toji kind of killed Satoru Gojo.

After that, he kills the Star Plasma Vessel and defeats Suguru Geto within minutes. Unfortunately for him, the moment Toji sliced ​​Gojo’s neck, Gojo immediately focused on a reverse curse technique and began to heal himself. If Toji had cut off his head, he would have won. But instead, this experiment awakened Gojo’s hidden powers and allowed him to detonate the secret technique Hollow: Violet on the unprepared Toji and kill him.

Toji’s relationship with his son


As you may have already guessed, Toji Fushiguro is the father of Megumi Fushiguro, Yuji Itadori’s friend and classmate at Tokyo Jujutsu High. The reason is unclear, but soon after Megumi was born, Toji decided to leave his family, which is why he never sees his son’s face, and Megumi never knows what his father looks like. .

A war-mad man like Toji can never be a good father, that’s why he intended to return his son to the Zen’in because he thinks they can support him and teach him better than him. He knows the Zen’in are suspicious, so rather than just giving Megumi to them, he asked for financial compensation to make them think he just wanted to sell his son. But just in case, in his dying breath he also revealed Megumi’s existence to Satoru Gojo.

During the Shibuya Incident arc, a Jujutsu wizard successfully summons Toji’s soul into the body of a living man. What they don’t realize is that Toji is so strong that he eventually takes over the man, who effectively revives and becomes a killing machine. In this state, he accidentally encounters Megumi and fights against her. Needless to say, Megumi doesn’t recognize her own father.

When he realizes he is fighting his own son, the first thing he asks for is Megumi’s name. When Toji learns that Megumi still uses the name “Fushigoro”, he smiles and says “Good for you”, while stabbing his head. Thus ends the life of one of the strongest men on the planet, who has known nothing but hatred and violence throughout his life. But in his last moment, he chooses to die rather than hurt his own son.