Jujutsu Kaisen: Top 10 Un-skippable Plot Episodes

The anime ofJujutsu Kaisen has made quite a name for himself, and his manga has sold tens of millions of copies, making the franchise a strong contender to be one of shonen’s new “big three” alongside competing series such as My Hero Academia and Demon Slayer. There is even a feature film of Jujutsu Kaisen in preparation, starring Satoru Gojo.

The anime ofJujutsu Kaisen It consists of 24 episodes, and the manga has enough material for another season, and perhaps a third. In particular, the anime de JJK It is densely plotted and rarely misses a single second, so fans are encouraged to watch every last episode of the anime to get the full story. With the possible exception of Episode 21, which features a baseball game, no episode is to be skipped, and these ten episodes are especially loaded with plot and are a key part of the story.

10 Episodio 1: “Ryomen Sukuna”

Even though an anime series is incredibly long and has many filler episodes, it’s still important to watch the first episode as it launches the entire franchise and sets the tone for the story. The same thing happens in Jujutsu Kaisen, where episode 1, “Ryomen Sukuna”, features many key characters.

The pilot episode welcomes the hero, Yuji Itadori, and also establishes the basic concept of curses, with Megumi Fushiguro providing a vital exposure. It is also the episode where Yuji eats the first of Sukuna’s twenty fingers.

9 Episode 2: “By myself”jujutsu kaisen los 10 episodios mas importantes de la trama que no se pueden saltar 1

The first half of Jujutsu Kaisen it’s especially plot heavy, as it has to establish the series’ combat system, main characters, and overall plot, and that includes the second episode, “By Myself.” In this episode, Yuji is told that he must eat more Sukuna’s fingers out of obligation, and must find a way to keep Sukuna in check in the meantime.

The second episode also delves a bit into the character of Satoru Gojo, and takes Yuji to Tokyo’s jujutsu school for the first time. Naturally, seeing Yuji enter the series’ main “school of magic” is not something to be missed.

8 Episodio 3: “Girl of Steel”jujutsu kaisen los 10 episodios mas importantes de la trama que no se pueden saltar 2

The third episode, “Girl of Steel”, is named after the character Nobara Kugisaki, who is featured in the events of this episode. Nobara is the third member of Yuji’s main team, along with Megumi, and is undoubtedly more than just a symbolic girl. She is a tough fighter with a hooligan attitude, but also a good heart.

This episode also explores the history of Nobara, which helps establish where he comes from and how he sees the world. This episode also shows how Nobara’s fighting style works, which is a show.

7 Episode 5: “The cursed belly must die -II-“jujutsu kaisen los 10 episodios mas importantes de la trama que no se pueden saltar 3

This episode concluded the battle against the first special grade curse that Yuji fought against, and incredibly, the shonen hero actually dies in this episode, thanks to Sukuna. Megumi and Nobara briefly mourn the death of their new friend, and then they learn of the joint training battle that is coming.

Soon, the Tokyo jujutsu school will reunite with the Kyoto school, and Nobara and Megumi will meet their senior classmates, including Maki Zenin and Panda, who wield weapons. Furthermore, the main villains discuss their plans for Yuji and Satoru. All of these events are vital.

6 Episode 6: “After the Rain”jujutsu kaisen los 10 episodios mas importantes de la trama que no se pueden saltar 4

The next episode also sees some vital plot advances, such as Yuji’s confrontation with Sukuna in an alternate dimension. Yuji is brought back to life, and this shows that Sukuna can both take Yuji’s life and bring it back. Yuji is reunited with Satoru, but, notably, Megumi and Nobara are unaware of all this.

Satoru begins Yuji’s unusual new training regimen, which involves watching several high-impact movies while holding back his own emotions and the flow of cursed energy. This is also the episode where the villains make their first move against Satoru, with the Cyclopean curse Jogo facing him head-on.

5 Episode 8: “Boredom”jujutsu kaisen los 10 episodios mas importantes de la trama que no se pueden saltar 5

The eighth episode of Jujutsu Kaisen, titled “Boredom,” certainly won’t make viewers feel bored in any of its scenes. Rather, it is an intense and exciting episode that features the explosive first meeting of the Tokyo and Kyoto students, including the muscular Aoi Todo.

This is a key moment in establishing who Aoi Todo and Mai Zenin are, and in the process, this episode helps explore the traditionalist and influential Zenin clan. This episode also explores the tense politics between Tokyo and Kyoto in regards to Satoru Gojo and Yoshinobu Gakuganji. This episode also marks Junpei Yoshino’s first appearance.

4 Episode 9: “Little Fry and Reverse Retribution”jujutsu kaisen los 10 episodios mas importantes de la trama que no se pueden saltar 6

This episode introduces the jujutsu warlock Kento Nanami, a new ally of Yuji. It also greatly expands on the villainous and bizarre Mahito, not to mention Junpei Yoshino. In this episode, Yuji and Nanami are hot on Mahito’s heels.

“Small Fry and Reverse Retribution” introduces the concept of humans mutated to resemble curses, which is the first major example of Mahito’s ability to reshape someone’s flesh to match their soul. The stakes are raised once again.

3 Episode 10: “Idle Transfiguration”jujutsu kaisen los 10 episodios mas importantes de la trama que no se pueden saltar 7

The next episode, “Idle Transfiguration,” explores Mahito in greater depth, and the dialogue in the episode helps expand the concept and behavior of curses and their relationship to humanity. “Idle Transfiguration” also unfolds Mahito’s cruel plan to rid the entire world of humanity.

The development of the plot of this episode makes it clear that Mahito must be finished, as well as the ease with which Mahito can manipulate and deceive vulnerable people like Junpei, who suffered at the hands of bullies. No wonder Yuji attacked him with such ferocity.

2 Episode 17: “Kyoto Sister School Exchange Event -Group Three Battle-“jujutsu kaisen los 10 episodios mas importantes de la trama que no se pueden saltar 8

The seventeenth episode of Jujutsu Kaisen The fierce battle between the twin schools of jujutsu continues, and in this episode, the story is further immersed in Maki and Mai’s relationship and their struggle with their tyrannical family. The Zenin family is powerful and influential, but being born into that family isn’t all fun and games.

This episode makes good use of flashbacks to show how Maki bravely defied her tyrannical family and plans to rule it herself one day, and her sister Mai had no choice but to get swept up in all this mess whether she liked it or not. Hence the bitter dispute between the Zenin sisters.

1 Episode 22: “The Origin of Blind Obedience”jujutsu kaisen los 10 episodios mas importantes de la trama que no se pueden saltar 9

The 22nd episode of Jujutsu Kaisen takes place after the Kyoto school event, when Yuji and his team are given a new mission involving some peculiar deaths related to automatic doors and curse energy. This episode sets up the rest of the final story arc of the first season, so naturally it’s not an episode to miss.

Episode 22 also explores a little more Megumi’s history at her old high school, and also explains more about Megumi’s sister. The Cursed Brothers of the Womb are presented as villains who will see action in the next episodes.