Jujutsu Kaisen’s Mahito Is The Anime Version Of Agent Smith

Jujutsu Kaisen is a dark horror fantasy anime series that can be seen as a contender for the new big shonen three, and it’s easy to see why, aside from the manga’s staggering sales. This serious yet gripping story features a compelling curse-based combat system, an excellent cast of memorable characters, and some of the most insidious villains in modern shonen anime, including the powerful curse Mahito.

Modern shonen villains such as All For One and Muzan Kibutsuji are a big topic right now, but fans shouldn’t overlook Mahito, who has an even bigger goal than All For One or Muzan. It aims to rid the world of the plague that is humanity, and that makes it surprisingly similar to The matrixIt’s Agent Smith.

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When all humans must die

Mahito transfigures a victim

Some anime villains want to rule the world and dominate humanity to feel like an emperor or even a god over the teeming masses. This is the case with All For One, for example, but Mahito and Agent Smith feel differently. For them, it is not enough to keep humanity subjugated or to taunt the human protagonists – they have genocide on their minds.

Although Mahito and Agent Smith have different origins, with the former being a fantasy curse and the latter being a computer program, both villains agree that humanity is more trouble than it’s worth. Even though the machines rely on humanity because human batteries and curses can only arise from negative human emotions, Mahito and Agent Smith want the human race exterminated anyway. In their eyes, it is time to launch a final campaign and prove the supremacy of their people.

Both Mahito and Agent Smith explained their reasons for wanting to wipe out humanity. Agent Smith views the human race as a fast-spreading virus that overwhelms entire ecosystems and reproduces out of control, and humans don’t even know their purpose or origins. In Smith’s eyes, humanity is a destructive fire, and the only option is to put it out before more damage can be done. He even resents it inside The Matrix, where he’s an elite fighter, which he compares to being trapped in a smelly, suffocating zoo. It looks like a prison to him, and his escape will be bought with human blood.

Likewise, Mahito sees curses as higher forms because they are more genuine and never lie – something humans cannot easily claim for themselves. Curses are pure beings, according to Mahito, with a clear origin to match. Curses avert the chaos and confusion of the human race, and they do not stoop to arrogant lies or cruel deceit to get ahead. This is why Mahito’s abilities are based on flesh and soul reshaping, so that a person’s soul and body more closely align with their true nature. Mahito’s ability never lies.

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Why Mahito and Agent Smith are wrong

Mahito and Agent Smith’s claims about the mistakes of humanity may seem legitimate from a cynical and defeatist perspective, and there is evidence to support each villain’s main point about the humanity and its nature. The human race is straining the natural world with overpopulation and pollution, and people often cheat each other and themselves for the worst reasons. But these villains are only looking at part of the larger truth.

The human race isn’t monolithic – it’s many things at once in any given time period, and humanity is diverse in intentions, methods, worldviews and more. Mahito and Agent Smith only focus on the worst parts of humanity and assume there is no solution outside of extermination, and that may be nothing more than forced vindication. of their feelings of superiority. It’s not yet clear if Mahito’s hatred for humanity is just compensation for his own feelings of inadequacy, but deep down, it could be.

Above all, Mahito and Agent Smith fail to realize that the human race is not only diverse but also capable of great change, and that hope drives that change. If the human race strains the natural world or errs, there will be great leaders and visionaries to stem these issues and help steer humanity towards a better future. Humanity has the power of hope on its side, and people understand that things can always change for the better, including themselves. Mahito and Agent Smith have neglected to take this into account, basing their heinous goals on an unfairly narrow view of what the human race is truly capable of. And that is exactly why they will be defeated in the end.

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