Jump Festa 2022: The program with Dragon Ball Super, and a secret …

The Jump Festa 2022 will take place on December 18-19, 2021, and although the program has not yet been published on the official event website, Ryokutya shares its content with us. If you don’t know him, the boy has been the regular V-Jump magazine news leaker for several years, so you can trust him completely. On the menu, Dragon Ball Super, the other major Jump licenses, not to mention Shueisha’s traditional favorite lure: the famous “secret panel”.

The program of the Jump Festa 2022

We already knew that a panel Dragon Ball Super will be presented during this Jump Festa 2022, and so we now know at what time to start heating the pizzas. According to Ryokutya’s schedule, it will start at 4:20 p.m. in Japan, or at 9:20 a.m. in France. Here is the program below, with only the major events. The detailed schedule will be published soon on the official website. The times below relate to the European zone (France, Belgium, Switzerland, etc.).

December 18, 2021
🔥 02:00 : SECRET
03:30: Dragon Quest – The Adventures of Dai
04:55 : World Trigger
06:20 : Bolt
07:50 : Prince of Tennis
🔥 09:20 : Dragon Ball Super

December 19, 2021
03:00 : Demon Slayer
04:30: Jujutsu Kaisen
06:00 : Dr. Stone
07:40 : My Hero Academia
09:10 : One Piece

In his leak, Ryokutya explains that the guests of these sessions have not yet been disclosed. Regarding the secret panel, he wonders if it could not concern Chainsaw Man, or the announcement of a new anime. In our opinion, it would be surprising if this secret panel concerns Dragon Ball Super, since a Dragon Ball Super panel will take place at the end of the day.

What can we expect from the Dragon Ball Super panel?

If we base ourselves on the previous years, we can theoretically (theoretically) expect everything: messages of thanks from the staff and actors, interviews, an announcement of the Return of Dragon Ball Super in anime, the announcement of a possible new bow in the manga, and of course a new trailer for the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes. And knowing that this is the major event of the moment, there is a very high probability that we will be presented with at least one new trailer for the next feature film.

In fact, anything can happen, since nothing is announced to us. But as we tell you every year on DB-Z.com: it is better to assume that we will not be presented with anything, so as not to be disappointed. But knowing that the Jump Festa is a bit like the annual mass of manga and animation, there is hope.

The Jump Festa 2022 will be online… and in physics

As the official website specifies, this year the event will be “online”, therefore accessible via an application like last year. But the Jump Festa 2022 will also be “physical”, and it will take place in the traditional Makuhari Messe convention center in Tokyo, to the delight of fans of the event.

How to watch the Jump Festa 2022?

If it’s like last year, which is likely given the investments that have been made, you may witness the Jump Festa 2022 by downloading the application online JUMP FESTA 2022 on iTunes Where Google Play Store (At the time of writing, the app is still called “JUMP FESTA 2021”, but they will probably change it when the time is right, in my opinion. However, beware: the app is only available on stores However, you can find tutorials on how to create Japanese iTunes or Google Play Store accounts quite easily, or download the APK directly if you are on Android.

The other way to attend is to visit the Jump Festa official website. For the moment, there is no instruction on this subject yet.

The Jump Party 2022, in brief…

The Jump Festa is an event dedicated to the sectors of manga andanimation, and which has been held annually since 1998 in Japan. This is the editor Shueisha (creator of the various magazines V-Jump, Weekly Shonen Jump, Saikyo Jump, etc…) which manages and organizes this event. It is customary that this event serves to show already known series in a different light, in order to demonstrate the capacity for renewal of the authors, for example through products, special chapters, or special episodes. Many of the most popular artists from Jump magazines participate and interact with the event through book signing or otherwise. This year Jump Festa 2022 will open its doors this Saturday and Sunday December 19 and 20 in Tokyo, Japan.

Jump Festa 2022 website : https://www.jumpfesta.com/