Kaiju N°8: the release window revealed in this very dark trailer

Earlier today, we unveiled the brand new teaser for the next season of Jujutsu Kaisenwith the famous MAPPA studio which also shared a first output window for the sequel to the anime. But fans of the genre were also able to learn about another anime very promising, adapting a very popular manga since last year, namely Kaiju No. 8.

new info for the anime kaiju n°8

Last August, fans learned that manga Kaiju No. 8 by Naoya Matsumoto was also going to be entitled to its anime adaptation. Pre-published since July 2020 in the Shonen Jump+ of the Shūeisha, the manga will be a huge success in Japan, but also in France, where he will manage to realize one of the best launches in history for a manga with us. The cover of the first volume will even be displayed on the façade of the BnF (National Library of France) when it is released in France in October last year.

That’s why many fans of Matsumoto’s work have been eagerly waiting to find out more about his anime adaptation. And it seems that their prayers have finally been heard, since Toho animation recently released a short trailer for the upcoming project. Discover without further delay the new trailer of the anime Kaiju No. 8 :

We thus learn that the anime is scheduled for 2024, which therefore means that fans will still have to be patient. But this trailer also lets us know the name of the studio in charge of producing the anime, namely Production GI.

The latter is particularly known for anime Psycho Pass and Ghost in the Shellbut also for adaptations of Kuroko’s Basket, Haikyū!!or Nobility. It is also to him that we owe the original project Guilty Crownand the studio also happens to be a recurring collaborator of the famous Wit Studio (which isn’t surprising considering the two studios are sister companies), especially on the early seasons of The attack of the Titansbut also on Vinland Saga and The Ancient Magus Bride.

We can find the Khara studioknown in particular for the films Rebuild of Evangelion, who will take care of the design of the kaiju as well as the illustrations. Fans were able to discover a new visual accompany the anime announcement Kaiju No. 8 :

Kaiju No. 8: l

Here is the official description supplied Crunchyroll:

Kaiju are fearsome giant monsters that appear out of nowhere to attack the population. In Japan, these appearances are now part of everyday life.

As a child, Kafka Hibino dreamed of joining the Defense Forces to fight these terrible enemies, but after numerous failures in the entrance exam, this 30-year-old works to clean the streets of their bulky corpses. Until the day when a mysterious creature enters his body and transforms him into an overpowered half-human, half-kaiju entity. His new code name: “Kaiju N°8”!


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