Kazé becomes Crunchyroll

The announcement fell Kaze therefore becomes Crunchyroll. The pioneer of animation in France but also a publishing house with large licenses will merge with the giant of legal streaming. The manga will therefore be stamped Crunchyrollstarting with the issue that we presented to you a few weeks ago, Dandadan.

Kazefounded in 1994 by Cedric Littardibegan by offering French fans of Japanese animation VHS of Legend of Lemnear then some Chronicles of the Lodoss War. There followed a myriad of popular series in Japan and France, including CityHunter, Detective Conan, Bleach, Code Geass or The Grave of the Fireflies, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and My Hero Academia, thus providing a historical catalog. The publisher also recently announced the now imminent release of Jujutsu Kaisen. But alongside this rich offer of japanimation, it is with the paper manga that he continued to impose himself. In 2007, Kaze acquires the independent publishing house Asuka and at the same time changes its name by adding an accent on the e. In 2009, the label Kaze Manga is born. This is how The Promised Neverland, chain saw man, Kaiju No. 8 but also BlackClover have finished sitting Kaze to the place of leader of the manga market in France. In the cinema (in 2005) as on television (in 2009), the editor touches on everything.

Rahul Purinipresident of Crunchyrollspeaks about this merger: “While we salute the extraordinary work done by Kazé for almost 30 years in France, we are delighted to take Crunchyroll to the next level through these manga and home video activities. We are happy to continue to leverage the long experience of the internal teams that made Kazé successful to take Crunchyroll to new heights.

A page turns and leads to rejoicing and disappointment. Crunchyroll, present in more than 200 countries, launches into the publishing of paper manga. But the fan community is worried about the disappearance of historical actors and defenders of Japanimation in France. But it would seem that the teams of Kazé and Crunchyroll will work hand in hand during this merger. As for the standardization of the collections which questioned the fans, streaming leader says ongoing collections won’t see any changes on the back of volumes. Crunchyroll had already bought Viz Mediawhich included DNA and Kazein 2019, already demonstrating a desire for mergers among French players.

It remains to be seen how this merger will impact the licenses of the catalog of Kaze and what will be the future of Crunchyroll in the publishing world.

Source : Crunchyroll and Kaze