Ki-oon announces a prestige edition for Jujutsu Kaisen volume 17

Ki-oon continues to cherish its strong licenses by announcing a prestige edition for the 17th volume of Jujutsu Kaisenflagship work ofAkutami Gege.

Thus, this edition stuck to the Japanese version (of the 18th volume) will obviously contain the 17th volume but also an alternative jacket. But the big addition is a customizable calendar consisting of 32 charm (small plate with the effigy of the characters that you must slip into the calendar).

The set arrives on November 3 and will be sold for 34.90 euros. Jujutsu Kaisen is an important title of the current shônen sphere, launched in 2018 at Shueisha and already counting 20 volumes. It is successfully adapted into an anime by MAPPA.

Summary :
“Each year in Japan, there are more than 10,000 unexplained deaths and missing persons. In the majority of cases, it is the negative feelings of human beings that are to blame. Suffering, regrets, humiliation: their accumulation in the same place causes often fatal curses… This is what Yuji Itadori, high school student and member of the spiritualism club, will discover at his expense. He doesn’t believe in ghosts, but still contributes to the group’s various missions…until one of them goes wrong. The relic they unearth, the severed finger of an ancient creature, attracts monsters! The young man does not hesitate for a second: he swallows the relic to ward off bad luck! Here he is possessed by Ryomen Sukuna, the famous two-faced demon. Against all odds, Yuji manages to regain control of his body. This is unheard of ! Despite everything, he is condemned to death by the organization of exorcists… A sentence that can only be postponed on one condition: find and ingest all of Sukuna’s fingers in order to eliminate the threat once and for all. And for that, the teenager will have to learn about the occult and mysterious art of exorcism! Bloodthirsty monsters, epic battles and overpowered magic: discover the new dark fantasy bomb! At the heart of a thousand-year-old struggle between exorcists and demons, how do you keep your humanity even when evil lurks deep within?

Source : Ki-oon