Latest Titans, Christmas pig and cult robot dominate the Top 20

Two-thirds of the Top 20 Weekly Best Sellers have been renewed. The last volume of the series The attack of the Titans (Pika) go straight to first and second place with the Classic and Collector’s Edition. The manga is at the party since the 19e take from Demon Slayer (Panini Manga) arrive 5e and its boxed version 16e, the 11the take from Jujutsu kaisen (Ki-oon) between 7e and the 4e volume of Blue Lock (Pika) arrives 18th. In total, seven places are squatted by manga, to which two comics are added. Grendizer (Kana) arises directly 6e, dislodging Blacksad, vol. 6 (Dargaud) of its leading position in comics.

The other striking entry is that of the new controversial essay by Gérard Davet and Fabrice Lhomme, The traitor and the nothingness (Fayard), which enters 8e. The new personal development guide from Natacha Calestreme, Find my place (Albin Michel) seduces and is positioned 13e. God: science, evidence (Guy Trédaniel) also succeeded in his exit (17e).

So there is little room left for fiction. Two writers manage to shake up the picture. JK Rowling remains the queen of children’s literature. His latest work, Jack and the Great Christmas Pig Adventure (Gallimard youth) between 4e. The saga of the Cazalet, vol. 4 by Elizabeth Jane Howard (The Round Table) gets off to a good start in 20e position.

Top 50 fiction

Guillaume Musso and The unknown of the Seine (Calmann-Lévy) continues to reign in front of Patrick Modiano and Bernard Werber. Elizabeth Jane Howard enters straight 4e. Michel Bussi arrives 11e with Code 612: who killed the Little Prince? (Presses de la Cité). Michael Connelly enters 13th with Innocence and the law (Calmann-Lévy). And the duo Eric Giacometti / Jacques Ravenne succeed in the return of Trademarks (JC Lattès), 15e.

Top 50 non-fiction

Eric Zemmour is almost on a par with Davet / Lhomme’s book, 2nd. Besides Natacha Calestrémé (3e) and God: science, proofs (4e), the table records three entries in 11e, 12e and 13e position : In harmony: from Camille to Noholita of Noholita (Robert Laffont), The strength of women Nobel Peace Prize winner Denis Mukwebe (Gallimard), and Rhetorical power by Clément Viktorovitch (Le Seuil, read the “phenomenon of the week”).

Top 20 pockets

Harlan Coben remains leader with The stranger of the forest (Pocket). JMG Le Clézio entered 12th position with Alma (Folio), ahead of the first volume of The Cazalet saga d’Elizabeth Jane Howard (Folio, 15e) and Isabelle, afternoon de Douglas Kennedy (Pocket, 18e).

Top 20 comics

Grendizer had all the weapons to take the lead in the standings. The collector’s box arrives 6e. The legendaries: resistance, flight. 1 (Delcourt) propels himself 3e as soon as it is released. The 64e tome of Blue tunics (Dupuis) ​​between 5th. Sorceline, vol. 4 (West Winds) lands 10e. And the rest of Sapiens: a brief history of humanity (Albin Michel) arrives at the 11e square. For the first time since March 2020, Mortelle Adèle only occupies four places in the ranking.

Top 20 Monthly Practical

Cyril Lignac always seduces. His Homemade # 5 (La Martinière) takes first place by storm. His four other works are ranked 7th, 12th and 13th. The kitchen remains a safe bet with five starters. Charline Vermont with Body, love, sexuality (Albin Michel) achieves a good performance by finishing 4e.

Top 20 Monthly Youth Albums

The color of emotions by Anna Llenas (Four Rivers), in 196e week, takes again the head of the classification, in progression of 18 places. Olivier Tallec with I would have liked (Leisure school) directly enters 3e. Just behind, another novelty, that of Small shoot by Astrid Desbordes and Pauline Martin (Albin Michel youth). As for Adam Hargreaves, it does double blow with two entries: Mrs. Courage (5th) and Mr. Quiet (7th), both published by Hachette jeunesse.

Top 20 Monthly Youth Novels

Adam Silvera takes the top of the ranking with And they both die in the end (Robert Laffont). Among the eight entries of the month, acronyms the 3e volume of 6e cycle Clash of clans by Eric Hunter (PKJ), 6th, and the first volume ofA spell so dark and eternal de Brigid Kemmerer (Rageot), 7e.