Let’s take a tour of the best manga of 2021, excluding novelties of course!

What an interesting year for manga … If we are to believe the media and publishers, the sector is experiencing a significant increase in sales compared to last year. But that’s not all. 2021 was also under the signs of many novelties, some of which like Kaiju n ° 8 Where Blue Lock made a lot of noise. However, the new licenses are not the only ones to have made people talk about them. Some manga, already on the market, have also been particularly talked about. Whether the story has taken an unexpected turn, an unknown character has appeared, these manga have marked us and will continue to be talked about for some time yet!

# 1 Tokyo Revengers at Glénat – 15 volumes available

You have most certainly heard of the phenomenon Tokyo Revengers ? At least we hope so. In France, the first volume is published in 2019 and is somewhat under the radar of the media. It was during the announcement of the animated adaptation that the media machine got carried away and finally decided to take an interest in this little gem. Already, know that this manga is not aimed at a young audience and offers scenes that can be quite violent. Nevertheless, Tokyo Revengers clearly deserves to be read, if only because of its unusual plot. Indeed, Ken WAKUI (the author) immerses us in the daily life of Takemichi, a young adult of 26 years, who has the feeling of having missed his life. While he lives on odd jobs, he learns on television of the death of his only ex, Hinata Tachibana, and his little brother, Naoto. As he prepares to take the subway, Takemichi is pushed under the train tracks but inexplicably wakes up 12 years ago. A chance to save Hinata is then offered to him.

Beyond offering a scenario combining science fiction and modern Japan, Tokyo Revengers will especially address themes of Japanese culture such as the world of yakuza, the violence of the latter and the inability of the police to act. The manga is clearly a snorkeling in a violent world where the law of the strongest applies. The author works his characters particularly well to the point that some, even while moving forward in the story, remain totally obscure. Twists and cliffhangers are also placed at the right time, in the right place in the story. In Japan, the manga has 24 published volumes, so we hope to be able to follow the manga for a long time to come.

# 2 Spy x Family chez Kurokawa – 6 available tomes

The 1st volume of the spy manga from home Kurokawa was released in September 2020. However, that does not make Spy x Family a novelty for 2021 and that’s good! In just a few months, the manga has conquered the French public with a rather original story. Recalling the time when Germany was divided into two distinct nations, we are immersed in the daily life of a family that is most normal, at least in appearance. Indeed, the family built for the needs of a spy mission is made up of Loid Forger, father but also spy in the service of peace, Yor Forger, young woman working at the town hall but murderer in her spare time, and Anya Forger, a little clumsy but above all a telepath. And the least we can say is that the manga does not lack comedic situations.

Very clearly, Spy x Family is a humorous manga. Indeed, by wanting to protect their respective secrets too much, the Forgers sometimes forget their reflexes, which can cause quite ubiquitous situations. In addition, the character of Anya, a young telepath adopted from an orphanage, is particularly touching as she does everything not only to please and help Loid Forger in her mission, but also to ensure that her family remains as she is. is. So we end up with an unusual trio but full of humor and tenderness. The manga will also benefit from its animated adaptation.

# 3 Birdmen at Vega-Dupuis – 8 volumes available

Birdmen, published by Vega-Dupuis

Birdmen is one of the manga published by Vega-Dupuis. The series has been published since early 2020 in France. And the least we can say is that it is totally underrated. But what is it all about? The story immerses us in the jostled daily life of five high school students capable of transforming themselves into a strange creature: the birdmen. While they seek to understand the phenomenon and especially to discover where the birdmen come from, they will find themselves being chased by a very strange enterprise and will find themselves having, at their own risk and peril, to face unusual humans as well. than other bird men.

Manga d’action, Birdmen offers us an interesting view of human evolution. By dint of strange scientific experiments, broken taboos, we could easily find ourselves in a similar situation. Besides, wouldn’t that be the goal of transhumanism somewhere? As we advance in the story, we realize that this human will to survive can be dangerous and we face tortured characters who, in addition to being lost teenagers, find themselves having to make difficult decisions for their age. A manga to read if you are a fan of science fiction.

# 4 Jujutsu Kaisen chez Ki-oon –12 tomes disponibles

How not to mention Jujutsu Kaisen among the best manga of 2021? It is certainly one of the most popular manga of the moment. The proof, Jujutsu Kaisen was the best-selling manga of 2021 in Japan. We will not insult you to present it to you, we have talked about it a lot. However, why Jujutsu Kaisen Does he deserve to be in the best manga of 2021? Well for several reasons. First of all, this is a manga with a constant pace. The author leaves us relatively little break time and he manages to constantly surprise us. Then, the characters are absolutely not spared. They see their loved ones die, they have to make difficult decisions, etc. And above all, above all, Jujutsu Kaisen is a deeply human manga. Although it can be seen simply as a work of entertainment, Gege AKUTAMI’s title has different levels of readings which are particularly interesting.

Very sincerely, we feel that we are in the golden age of manga. The authors no longer hesitate to diversify and propose scenarios that are out of the ordinary. And very clearly, just like for the best manga novelties of 2021, many manga would deserve to appear in this selection as Children of the whale from home Glénat or Kemono Incidents from home Kurokawa. And you, if you had to list your favorite manga of 2021, which manga would they be?