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Kaikai Kitan, the opening theme song for Jujutsu Kaisen, has every otaku rocking its tune in 2021. Now the song’s fantastic vocalist, Eve, is ready to delight us even more with an anime/d live action all to himself.

Netflix recently unveiled a new anime/live-action hybrid film focusing on Eve. The movie is called Adam by Eve: A Live in Animation and will be released on March 15, 2022.

Netflix will premiere the film, and it will also be available in Japanese theaters.

Many of you must be wondering how it is possible to mix anime and live action elements. A new trailer has been released to give you a taste of this unique idea:

Adam by Eve: a live animation | Trailer | AnimeNetflix

The trailer doesn’t reveal the plot of the movie, but it gave us an awesome mix of songs that will be used in the upcoming movie.

Adam by Eve is a musical film, and Eve’s exclusive hits will be featured in it. Stage performances of his previous hit songs will also be compiled.

Studio Khara will host the film, and staff members for it include:

Position Personnel Other work
Planning Genki Kawamura grow old with you
Director Nobutaka Yoda your name (trailer director)
Animation Director “Boto” Hibiki Yoshizaki Evangelion: 3.0+1.0: Three Times Upon A Time (2D CGI)
Directeur d’animation “Taikutsu ou Saien Shinaide” Waboku Eve’s Tokyo Ghetto MV (Director)
Directeur d’animation “Kaikai Kitan” Yuichiro Saeki Muteking the Dancing Hero (OP, ED Director)

Models Hanon and Ano will join the cast of the film alongside Eve. Eve commented that it had been two years since his last live concert and he wanted to give fans something to fill the void.

I’m sure fans will appreciate this warm gesture and appreciate the many exclusive songs the film will reveal.

Watch Adam by Eve on:

About Adam by Eve

Adam by Eve is an anime/live-action hybrid film based on singer Eve. Eve has previously performed hit songs for Jujutsu Kaisen, The Promised Neverland, and other anime.

The story revolves around Aki, a high school girl who searches for her missing best friend. This is due to Hitotsume or One-Eye, a mysterious existence that appears in people’s dreams.

Source: Official site

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