Lost Lad London: The Back-to-School Thriller at Ki-oon

Graphic novel, manga? The work Lost Lad London cheerfully flirts between the two genres. This is an urban thriller skillfully crafted by Shima Shinya. The author forged her know-how while studying animation in England.

His career differs from other artists in the field. Through her experiences and encounters, she has developed a certain sensitivity for social and ethnic causes. These are not the main themes of her manga but she brilliantly distills some elements related to these subjects. She can thus make her story believable.

Lost Lad London: A London Manga

What better playground than London to create a thriller atmosphere… And if the author draws inspiration from the charisma of an excellent British actor, Idris Elba, to shape one of her characters, that makes two strong arguments for take a close interest in this manga.

A simple hook but which always has its effect. In the wrong place at the wrong time… And how to become the prime suspect in a murder while taking the subway.

Ai, an Asian student tries to live without making waves at a distance from his parents. He is trying to get his degree. When he takes the subway, his life changes, the mayor’s body is inside.

A gruff cop is assigned to find the culprit. Ai seems oblivious to the case until he discovers a bloody knife on him.

We could see some excerpts through some boards. A sense of cinematographic cutting, colors that give a certain atmosphere, Lost Lad London has all the nice surprise of the end of the year.

Practical details: Lost Lad London – release of volume 1 on November 3, 2022
(Shima Shinya, seinen, 15 x 21 cm, 9.95 euros)

The publisher, which has some great licenses to its credit, such as My hero Academia, will be present at Japan Expo 2022 from July 14 to 17. they will have two booths this year, a sales booth and an animation booth, Ki-oon World..

Quality works will be the spearheads of the stand, such as Frieren, Ranking of Kings, Jujutsu Kaisen, My Hero Academia or Tsugumi Project.

Several original animations will be on the program, you should enjoy. Lots of goodies will be offered in addition.

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