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Main highlight of the project: all the works published on MANGA Plus Creators between the 1st and the last day of the month (within the limit of three chapters per series and per month) automatically participate in the contest of the month in question. A ranking, displayed from the second day of the month and updated daily, is then made on the basis of a score calculated during the first seven days following the publication of the chapter.

Are taken into account for the calculation of the score: the number of “likes”, addition to “favorites”, as well as bonus points granted to artists respecting the recommended publication format:

  • Image size: (1,920×2,560px) or more.
  • All pages should be the same size.
  • Pages should be swiped to the right, and the opening page should start on the left.
  • More than 8 pages per chapter.

The five most popular titles on the platform each month will then be judged by the editors of the Shueisha and can win the following various awards:

  • Gold Award : 1 Million Yens (7200 €~) and publication of the work on the Jump+ (JP) and MANGA Plus applications.
  • Silver Award : 300,000 Yens (2100 €~) and publication on the MANGA Plus application.
  • Bronze Award : 100,000 Yens (720 €~) and publication on the MANGA Plus application.
  • Creators Award : 30,000 Yen (215 €~).

With the release of MANGA Plus Creators, Shueisha intends to promote new talents, which perhaps will be the next bestsellers of tomorrow.

As a reminder, Manga Plus is a free and legal online manga reading platform, owned by the Japanese publisher Shueisha and launched in January 2019. Its French version has been available since September 2021 and publishes many popular titles, such as Kaiju N°8, One Piece, My Hero Academia or Jujutsu Kaisen.

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