MAPPA: after Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan, the studios will produce the second season of this incredible anime

From animation studios most recognized in Japanthe studio MAPPA is most likely on the podium, with quite a track record to his credit. Last month we revealed the release window for the upcoming anime adaptation of chain saw mana series eagerly awaited by fans, the opportunity to remember the busy schedule of the studio for this year 2022. And recently, it seems that we have finally had confirmation for the continuation of the adventures of Thorfinnwhich fans have been waiting for almost three years already.

a second season (yet) confirmed

Indeed, the MAPPA studio has finally confirmed officially that they would support the production of the second season of the anime adaptation of Makoto Yukimura’s work : Vinland Saga. Excellent news for fans who have been without news for almost a year, although a trailer appeared on the web last summer, confirming that the new season was in production.

However, this news is not really a surprise. Because at the time, we had learned that the director in charge of the first season, Shuhei Yabuta, had left Wit Studio to go to MAPPA. At the same time, Takahiko Abiru, in charge of character designs of the first season, had also launched his animation studio, Studio Kafka, making the future of anime all the more uncertain Vinland Saga.

And it’s on Twitter that Yukimura and Yabuta confirmed yesterday that the second season will indeed be provided by MAPPA, adding that the first teaser for this new season is in development. Additionally, the director has confirmed that they will be making a full adaptation of the original work, which means that the entire manga will be adapted. He then said that we could wait a third and even a fourth season.

MAPPA after Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan the studios

Vinland Saga plunges us into a story taking place in the Viking Age, where we follow the adventures of Thorfinn in a world as ruthless as it is brutal. The first season focused on the Protagnolite’s youth and his quest for revenge., showing the evolution of a naive child into a fearsome warrior capable of outdoing the best fighters. Far from the clichés and stereotypes that can be found in this genre, this first season managed to skilfully tackle a wide variety of subjects such as war, politics, religion or even love, featuring characters both charismatic and complex. The work draws its inspiration from several Icelandic sagasand the title of the series refers to the discovery of North America by the Vikings, which they named Vinland.

If some may regret that it is no longer Wit Studio, to which we owe in particular the latest animated film bubble currently on Netflix, in charge of producing the adaptation of Vinland Saga, nevertheless, fans are still more than relieved to know that the anime will be able to continue. Especially since it is not just any studio that takes up the torch, but MAPPA, which recently distinguished itself following the release of the film Jujutsu Kaisen 0.

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It is therefore interesting to note that this is not the first anime to be transferred from Wit Studio to MAPPA, the latter having taken over the production of the adaptation of The attack of the Titans after the third season. And to continue in the same theme, discover the ranking of the most anticipated anime of this yearjust here.