MAPPA Studios Will Open A New Special Studio In Japan

If you were to ask what keeps anime on its toes these days, a few good fans would point you to MAPPA. The studio is becoming one of the most beloved production companies in the industry for those who don’t know. From The God of High School for The attack of the Titans and Jujutsu Kaisen, MAPPA has been releasing one after the other lately. And now the studio is building a new cult in Japan to cover a special animation.

The report comes from Mantan Web as MAPPA announced that a new studio is being built for workers in Osaka. The company created the building primarily to accommodate CGI artists who can work on specific tasks such as 3DCG, photography, background art, design, and editing.

According to MAPPA, the company chose to base the new studio in Osaka to open up the anime industry to artists who might not be able to relocate to Tokyo. This means workers in the Kansai region can still work on top series while living at home. It also means these CGI-centric employees can avoid Tokyo’s high cost of living, and that’s a definite plus given the variety of paychecks in the anime game. Right now, MAPPA is hiring talent at its Osaka studio, so fans are curious to see what kind of work is coming from the new branch.

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Of course, MAPPA has plenty of projects on the horizon to keep its workers busy. The studio has been around for years, but it’s become a priority over the past five years, more or less. Jujutsu Kaisen season two is on deck for MAPPA as well as Chainsaw Man and heaven from hell. The studio is also working on Yuri on icealso his big movie debut, so his teams have a lot going on these days. And with new hands on board, fans are hoping these projects will exceed their already lofty expectations.

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