MAPPA: with these five anime, the studio will be the king of the year 2023

The MAPPA studio, which stood out magnificently with season 4 of The attack of the Titans and the first season of Jujutsu Kaisenis set to reign supreme in Japanese animation with four highly anticipated releases.

chain saw man

Fans of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga have been eagerly awaiting its adaptation by the MAPPA studio for several months now. Released in June 2021, the first trailer was extremely promising, and this first look at the series confirmed the immense talent of the Japanese studio when it comes to animation. It is enough to be convinced of it to see the dithyrambic reactions of the fans. As a reminder, chain saw man will tell the adventures of Denji, a teenager who has merged with Pochita, his demon-dog-chainsaw. He is recruited by the government to hunt down other demons, and takes orders from the enigmatic Makima.

Behind its wacky appearance that often thwarts the codes of shonen (as Chief Otaku so aptly reminded)and its great graphic violence, chain saw man is also extremely melancholy, as shown in some shots of the trailer. If the first season is announced for the fall of 2022, it should probably be spread over several weeks, until 2023.

Attack on Titan – Final Season Part 3

If the first episodes of the first part of the final season had somewhat confused fans of The attack of the TitansIhe MAPPA studio very quickly showed its potential, before truly captivating the spectators throughout part 2. While it was thought that the series would end with a film, the studio announced at the end of the final episode that a part 3 was in preparation.

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If we can regret not seeing the Great Earthquake on the big screen, the fanboys that we are, are finally delighted to have even more episodes of The attack of the Titans. Considering the magnitude and reactions generated by the final chapter of the manga, it is highly expected that the series finale will raise heated debates. ! In the meantime, we recommend that you read again the reactions of the fans to the last episode of part 2.

Jujutsu Kaisen – season 2

counting with Demon Slayer and The attack of the Titans Among the most popular anime of the moment, Jujutsu Kaisen came as a real shock to Japanese anime fans. Not for its history nor for its structure, ultimately quite classic, but rather for the quality of its animation and for the choreography of his fights.

MAPPA with these five anime the studio will be the

Following the success of the film Jujutsu Kaisen 0 (our review is still available)which triumphed at the box office, fans were eagerly awaiting season 2 of the animated series, still produced by the MAPPA studio. If for the moment we do not have a release date for this new burst of episodes, it is announced for 2023. And when we know the rest of the manga, we can only be impatient!

Vinland Saga – season 2

A real shock in 2019, the series Vinland Saga is set to hit Netflix soon (in July, folks). Last month, we also learned that the MAPPA studio succeeded WIT Studio for the second season of the adventures of Thorfinn. This week, MAPPA has also shared the extremely promising first trailer for season 2.

Scheduled for January 2023 on Amazon Prime Video (we’ll let you know when we have more details on the release date), the new season of Vinland Saga will focus on the slave arc, also known as the “farm arc”, often cited among the best story arcs in manga history.

Hell’s Paradise

Announced in January 2021, the anime Hell’s Paradise set to be one of the big moments of 2023 in Japanese animation, as evidenced by this first trailer released a few months ago. It is an adaptation of Yuji Kaku’s manga, published between 2018 and 2021 in the Shonen Jump+.

The story tells us about the adventures of Gabimaru, the most famous Ninja-assassin, in charge of recovering an elixir of immortality on an island as mysterious as it is dangerous. If we are still waiting for the release date of the anime, this first trailer made our mouths water.

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