Michel Houellebecq annihilates the competition

Biggest draw of the winter, Annihilate, the new novel by Michel Houellebecq rises directly to first place in the weekly Top 20 bestsellers GFK/Livres Hebdo. The novel, published by Flammarion dislodges Asterix and the griffin (Albert René) who lasted 12 weeks at the top. The name of the author is enough to make the event, since the book obtained little promotion (an interview in The world) but a lot of buzz for over a month.

After a very stable period in the Top 20 until the holidays, this one is deeply renewed since eleven entries make their appearance. Karine Tuil (decision, read phenomenon of the week), 4th, and David Foenkins (Number two), 7th, both published by Gallimard, confirm the loyalty of their readership. The back-to-school season is not to be outdone with the arrivals of Ken Follett (dusk and dawn, 5th) and Lisa Gardener (right behind me, 12e), both in the pocket book, and Julia Quinn (The Bridgerton Chronicle, vol. 9, 9th) and Djaïli Amadou Amal (The impatient, 18th), both at J’ai lu.

9e art places three new features: Dr Stone, vol. 19 (Glénat), 6e, The Apothecary’s Notebooks, vol. 7 (Ki-oon), 10th, et Darling in the Franxx, vol. 1 (Delcourt), 16th. Finally, M6 editions class The great pastries by Maud in 20th position.

Top 50 fiction : Houellebecq dislodges Goncourt 2021, Tuil and Foenkinos invite themselves 3rd and 4th. Other winter novels were eagerly awaited: An honorable exit d’Eric Vuillard (South Acts), 8th, Paris-Briancon from Philippe Besson (Julliard), 10th, Your absence is only darkness from Jon Kalmann Stefansson (Grasset), 13th, A dam against the Atlantic from Frederic Beigbeder (Grasset), 18th. We should also point out the beautiful entry of Lisa Gardner with Never confess (Albin Michel), 12e.

Top 50 non-fiction : Five essays and documents enter the top of the table: carefree notebooks d’Alexandre Jollien (Gallimard), 7th, The falsification of history from Laurent Joly (Grasset), 10th, and Storm in the jar from Bruno Patino (Grasset), 12th dominate these newcomers.

Top 20 pockets: In addition to Follett and Gardner, who enter directly in the first two places, we note the great return ofOlivier Bourdeault in 4th place with Waiting for Bojangles (Folio), driven by the release of the film in cinemas. Two family stories also stand out: David Foenkinos comes 13th with The Martin family (Folio), one place ahead Camille Kouchner with the big family (Points).

Top 20 comics: Asterix retains pole position ahead of Blake and Mortimer. From a webtoon, Lore Olympus, vol. 1 (Hugo BD) arrives directly 3rd. The series (especially vintage) are on the rise with the entries of Boule et Bill (9th), Venom (10th), Sangre (12th), the Smurfs and Lucky Luke.

Monthly top 20 manga: One Piece, vol. 100 classic edition and collector’s edition (Glénat) storm the first two places. The podium is also upset by the entry of Kaiju n ° 8, vol. 2 (Kazé manga) in 3rd position. Two other cult series arrive in the Top 10: Jujutsu kaisen, vol. 12 (Ki-oon), 6th, et Mashle vol. 6 (Kaze Manga), 8th. Glénat largely dominates the ranking with eight titles.