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Nobara Kugisaki – Jujutsu Kaisen Jukon No Kata

welcome once again to miniature beautiesthe section of Ramen for Two in which we break down some of the most interesting figures that reach the Spanish market. This time we are going to show you the first figure of jujutsu kaisen that passes through the section. Is about Nobara Kugisaki – Jujutsu Kaisen Jukon No Kata of banprestowhich you can easily get through the page official website of Banpresto Spain.


jujutsu kaisen has become one of the most popular sleeves of recent times and one of the current pillars of the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump of Shueisha. The work is being published by its author Gege Akutami since March 2018 and currently has 20 compiled volumes in Japan. Of course, before that, Akutami had already published a single volume based on the same universe that currently serves as a prequel under the title of Jujutsu Kaisen 0. In Spain, it is Editorial Standard who edits the manga.

How could it be otherwise, a work of such quality and popularity gave the jump to anime. And she went all out with the studio MAP behind the production, who put all the meat on the grill to give us a excellent adaptation. Currently, the anime has a season of 24 episodes, as well as a movie based on Jujutsu Kaisen 0. In Spain, the series can be seen through Crunchyroll, where its version with Spanish dubbing was recently released. For its part, the feature film hit theaters a few months ago.

jujutsu kaisen tells us the story of Yūji Itadori, a student with unusual physical abilities. Some day, Itadori and his colleagues from the Paranormal Phenomena Research Association they find a mysterious box with a rotten finger inside. That’s when Megumi Fushiguroa first-year student at the Tokyo Metropolitan Area Wizarding Technical School, explains to them that it is a cursed talisman belonging to an ancient curse called Ryomen Sukuna. In a moment of despair Itadori he eats his finger to increase his cursed power and face several curses that are endangering the lives of his friends. This is how the young man ends up being involved in a war that has been going on for generations.


nobara kugisaki She is one of the main protagonists of jujutsu kaisen and the third freshman to join the Tokyo Metropolitan Area Wizarding Technical School alongside fushiguro and Itadori. this is a person very expressive and with a very strong character, but it doesn’t take long for her to become a great friend and ally of the two boys. In addition, she has powerful voodoo techniques with which on more than one occasion he has managed to get the chestnuts out of the fire to his companions.

Turning to the figure at hand, it is a piece belonging to the line Jukon No Kata of jujutsu kaisen what is throwing banpresto and that already has several more characters on the market. The size of these is quite small, being that of nobara of some 14 centimeters about. However, the level of detail with which they have to have this scale more than meets.

Something that I really like is the pose that has been chosen for this figure, showing nobara holding his famous hammer in one hand and with nails in the other. It’s not that it’s very dynamic, but it doesn’t feel like a museum statue either. Also, despite the fact that the figure has some cuts and burrs, since it is not large, they are not noticeable at all.

As for the head, it’s well sculpted, but depending on the angle you look at it may seem a bit weird. Of course, the droopy eyes so characteristic of the character have been painted to perfection. In addition, the hair provides some dynamism to the figure being sculpted in such a way that it appears to be moving in the wind.

For his part, the suit he wears nobara both in the manga and in the anime it is well transferred to the figure, even having a nice detail on the buttons. The color may be quite flat, but since it is a dark dress, it does not look bad either.

In terms of accessories, it is very satisfying to see that it has been included in the hammer the heart that it wears on top despite being such a small piece. This is a detail that fans of jujutsu kaisen and, especially of nobarathey will appreciate.

The nails they might be a bit bigger than they should be, but it’s hard to sculpt them smaller than they already are, so it’s nice that they’ve been included anyway. Plus, they fit pretty well.

Likewise, another detail to take into account is the inclusion of the famous handbag where nobara he keeps his nails and that he wears tied around his waist. This one even has a gold button despite its small size.

Also the shoes have a great sculpture and with a high gloss brown paint. However, the same thing happens with the rest of the figure and that is that some shading or aging is missing.


Ultimately, this figure Nobara Kugisaki – Jujutsu Kaisen Jukon No Kata what brings us banpresto It is a piece that, for its size, has a great finish.

In addition, the line to which it belongs currently has several figures already for sale, so it is very easy to get a good collection of jujutsu kaisen a good price And it doesn’t take up much space in the cabinet. This particular figure can be purchased at the web page of Banpresto Spain at a price of around €32.98.

So now you know. If you want to start collecting figures of jujutsu kaisenThis is a great opportunity.


Name: Nobara Kugisaki – Jujutsu Kaisen Jukon No Kata
Manufacturer: Banpresto
Specifications: Figure Prepainted in PVC/ABS
Size: 14 centimeters
Price: Around €32.98
Official website: