My Hero Academia: why is the manga (still) on hiatus?

After being revealed by insiders, the information of a delayed release of Chapter 390 has been confirmed by the official manga account.

The little music of these incessant rhythm breaks begins to seriously raise questions. After a recent hiatus in February, the manga My Hero Academia will again discontinue its publication in the pages of Weekly Shōnen Jump. This downtime should however be shorter, the official Twitter account announcing a resumption of publication from number 27 of the famous magazine, a week late. But the reasons given remain rather vague, since it would be “problems of production”. Very mysterious terms, but which could obviously hide new health concerns for its author.

“Blows” to morale

Indeed, the mangaka Kohei Horikoshi had already had to interrupt its work on several occasions in recent months. The monster pressure that accompanies the most famous shōnens seems to get the better of everyone, whether it’s veterans like Yoshihiro Togashi and his Hunter X Hunteror younger artists like Akutami Gege and his Jujutsu kaisen. Physical problems, mental health or excessive fatigue become the enemies of the authors. But they also point the finger at their publishers, who are reluctant to slow down this pace dictated by their economic imperatives.

crushed by machine

Because it must be understood that this ritual of weekly publication then directly feeds the publication of volumes grouping these chapters, synonymous with sales with juicy profits. These same volumes in turn provide source material for animation studios, which are also impacted by inhuman speeds in the face of demand. Moreover, it is not insignificant to hear more and more often about artificial intelligence in the world of manga, to compensate for both the lack of manpower and this exhausting process. Let’s hope, in any case, that Kôhei Horikoshi is doing well, because that’s the main thing beyond the adventures of Deku.

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