My Hero Academia: Will the manga really end in 2022? – melty

By Juliet

– Posted on 12 Oct 2022 at 10:30

At the end of 2021, Kohei Horikoshi, creator of My Hero Academia, revealed to the world that his manga should end in 2022. But is it really possible?

Warning, this article contains spoilers from the last chapters of the series. My Hero Academia. We recommend that you be up to date or stop reading this article.

It was during the JUMP FESTA 2022. An event during which big names from the manga and animation industry were present to discuss the various projects of the titles published in the Shōnen Jump Magazine as is the case for Jujutsu Kaisen, BLEACH or Hunter x Hunter. Kohei Horikoshi, author of My Hero Academia, was present at the event and took the opportunity to make a most surprising announcement. Indeed, the famous mangaka announced that, if all goes well, My Hero Academia is set to end in 2022.

The more we advance in the chapters, and the more the end of the year 2022 approaches and for the moment, no one can really imagine the series ending in just a few weeks. Chapter 369 was indeed released just two days ago and the ultimate fight has still begun. But there are still unanswered questions. Will the story of My Hero Academia really end in 2022? Or will Kohei Horikoshi have to revise his plans in order to offer a worthy end to the manga?

My Hero Academia: The story cannot end in 2022

In the last chapters of My Hero Academia, Deku finally finds himself battling All For One. And although he clearly seems to have the upper hand, the villain is not let down and would still have powerful cards to play as the ending of chapter 369 suggests. there are still details of the story that remain unanswered. Indeed, in chapter 363, published at the end of August, Skeptic implied very heavily that double agents had infiltrated among the civilians within the various shelters set up for their protection. But since then, we have no idea what these infiltrators received as an order, or even if they were really activated. However, one thing is certain: Skeptic has a plan of his own to counter the heroes.

In one of the final chapters of My Hero Academia, Skeptic revealed to have a plan to counter the heroes.

Beyond Skeptic’s plan, we also don’t know where Edge-Shot and his rescue of Bakugo stand. My Hero Academia hinted that the professional hero might save the young hero, but can he actually? And above all, if he succeeds, how will Bakugo react when he regains consciousness? Remember, before being mortally wounded by Shigaraki, Bakugo was already very badly injured. If he survives, will he be able to take the fight? And if Edge-Shot fails to save Bakugo, but he still leaves his life, how will the other heroes around them react?

All For One seems to have several cards to play

There’s also the fact that the fusion of All For One and Shigaraki’s personalities is totally unstable. If we hypothesize that the two personalities separate, what would happen? Has All For One planned another receptacle? Would Shigaraki be able to fight? And above all, who would he choose to face? Finally, remains the last box of chapter 369.

But to understand it, you have to go back a few chapters. Indeed, before the arrival of Deku on the ground, we saw All For One discuss with Spinner, explaining to him that he will soon be very useful against the superheroes. And it is precisely a transformed Spinner which we find at the end of chapter 369. Has Spinner been transformed to serve as a temporary receptacle for All For One? What is his new power? Did All For One “offer” him an alter? In short, faced with so many questions, it seems obvious to us that My Hero Academia still has a lot to reveal to us and that an end for 2022 would be premature.