Netflix: the studio behind Attack on Titan releases a new trailer for Bubble

news culture Netflix: the studio behind Attack on Titan releases a new trailer for Bubble

New trailer for Bubble, the animated film produced by Netflix. A big minute of trailer, which serves as an appetizer before the next release of the feature film directed by one of the directors of the animated Attack on Titan.


  • Bubble: the next animation classic?
  • A team of veterans

Bubble: the next animation classic?

Already teased last December, the animated film bubble showed up a bit more today. If the plot of this feature film is always described in the same way by Netflix, producer and platform hosting it exclusively, this big minute of trailer allows you to have a more complete overview of the scenario. The story takes place in Tokyo where the laws of gravity no longer exist following a mysterious shower of bubbles. From then on, the Japanese capital became a remote place in the world and tamed as a playground by lovers of parkoura sport consisting of crossing street furniture with the help of tricks.

We then follow the adventures of Hibiki, a regular in the discipline known for his talent and his taste for risk. But by playing too much with fire, you get burned: while he tries a difficult figure, he misses and lands in the sea ​​of ​​gravity. No escape then emerges for him, but he is finally saved by a young girl with mysterious powers. And as they are reunited, a noise only audible to them begins to resonate… Questions emerge, especially following the trailer: a dangerous event for Tokyo is about to happen, which only Hibiki and Uta could stop.

A team of veterans

A screenplay framework and an artistic direction reminiscent of the works of Makoto Shinkai (Your Name and The Children of Time). An animation that we also owe to Wit, recognized for his work on the first three seasons of the anime The attack of the Titans and more recently on Ousama Ranking. And the five-star cast doesn’t stop there, since many industry veterans have joined the teams: among them, the writer Urobuchi (Psycho-Pass), a character design by Takeshi Obata (Death Note) and directed by Testuro Araki (second season of The attack of the Titans).

If this cast was already known, the trailer released today reveals another weighty ally: it’s the singer EVE who is behind the intro credits (or opening) from Bubble. Fervent consumers of anime will have recognized the voice of the artist, already at work on the opening of Jujutsu Kaisen.

Bubble is expected on Netflix next Thursday, April 28.

By CharlanmhgWriting