Netflix to adapt cult and pioneering live-action manga soon

Cult work in the history of manga, Yu Yu Hakusho will be entitled to the honors of the live adaptation by the firm to the large N.

Adapting a work adored by millions of fans around the world is never easy and Netflix probably knows it better than anyone. Released in 2017, the live-action adaptation of Death Note, one of the most cult manga in the world, had scandalized fans, many believing that the platform would not respect the original work written by Tsugumi Oba. Finally, this adaptation was not the massacre announced and reinforced the firm with the big N in its desire to adapt popular manga for its subscribers. While a series Cowboy Bebop with real actors is about to arrive, the platform is also working on a live adaptation of One Piece, whose cast has just been unveiled.

Who to play as Detective Yusuke Urameshi?

And since manga and anime are more popular than ever, Netflix has chosen to continue its momentum with the production of a live-action series Yu Yu Hakusho, adapted from the cult manga of Yoshihiro Togashi. Published between 1990 and 1994 and available in France from Kana editions, this manga follows the adventures of Yusuke Urameshi, a young thug who prefers to do the 400 blows rather than going to class. Following an accident, he died. However, the Almighty gives him a second chance: he is ready to resuscitate him if he agrees in exchange to put himself in the service of good as an occult detective. Helped by new powers and a few relatives, Yusuke then faces a new life as intense as it is dangerous. The announcement was made during the recent Netflix Japan Festival 2021, where the company also announced an adaptation of Kakegurui Twin for 2022.

Why Yu Yu Hakusho is it a cult work?

For the moment, no details are yet known concerning this future adaptation, in particular about the cast, the director or even the plot, but Netflix would have the ambition to offer it on its platform by December. 2023. An exit which would then take place shortly after that of the adaptation One Piece, which has just started production. Less known than Cowboy Bebop Where Naruto in France, Yu Yu Hakusho nonetheless remains a cult work in Japan, which was notably awarded the Shōgakukan Prize for the best Shōnen in 1993. Another good reason not to miss out on Yu Yu Hakusho : it is a manga that we owe to Yoshihiro Togashi, who is none other than the creator of Hunter x Hunter.

While it is not yet written that the mangaka will play an important role in the development of this adaptation, Yu Yu Hakusho will clearly be one of the works to follow. This is indeed often considered a great source of inspiration for other manga such as Jujutsu Kaisen, in particular because it lays the bases of the modern and darker shônen. Very inspired by Dragon Ball Where Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, l’anime Yu Yu Hakusho is currently available on Netflix.