Nintendo shows increased interest in cinema

For decades, Nintendo fans have been eagerly awaiting a faithful film adaptation of “Super Mario Bros”, a character who continues to be the main emblem of the company today and will finally hit theaters in 2022..

The project caused a sensation among fans of the Japanese company, which is involved in the development of the film, with the collaboration of animation studio Illumination Entertainment, with a stellar cast that includes Chris Pratt as Mario, Anya Taylor- Joy in the role of the princess. Peach and Jack Black as Bowser.

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After various rumors surfacing on the internet that Seth Rogen has his own movie playing Donkey Kong, everything seems to indicate that Nintendo has a real interest in generating more movies inspired by his characters after the arrival of “Super Mario Bros” on big. screen. .

Video game industry insider David Gibson presented a transcript of a Q&A session Nintendo recently hosted with its investors, featuring Shigeru Miyamoto, the so-called “Father of Video Games”. modern ”, who has been one of the company’s most valuable executives in recent years.

Although he wants to talk more about the future of the company in the cinema, Miyamoto specifies that at the moment they only want to finish polishing the film which is about to be released next year: “The film Super Mario is almost done, I am working on the last details, we have a good feeling about it, but we are very careful not to betray our customers and to meet their expectations, polishing the tape. ”

Miyamoto also expressed that no matter what Nintendo decides to do, it will be slow. Rather than working on multiple films at the same time, which companies like Marvel have done, the executive notes that his company’s philosophy is to create a single film based on its different properties.

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Miyamoto concludes that Nintendo will not abandon its legacy as a video game development company and that these film adaptations will, in fact, be the means by which the company can draw the attention of new generations of gamers to its products.

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