Nobara, Yuji, Satoru and Megumi, Jujutsu Kaisen fan art by Jyundee

We have mentioned it before, every day there are more artists who become exponents of fan art, in most cases, they are works on some of their series, comics, video game or favorite animes from your childhood or adolescence.

The types of work can always vary, since there are all kinds of them, some are more somber, others more cheerful and colorful, some are on paper, others digital, there are on the skin or different materials, and the list continues, but what will always be a constant is our effort to get you something that can catch your attention, so we always look for you, the best of the fan art.

On this occasion, we will talk about an artist who came to us through her Instagram, where she shows much of her great work and illustrations, her name is Jenny, and you can find her on the social network as @jyundeein which it has more than 482 thousand followers.

The popular artist, who seems to do a wide variety of great works, but everything seems to be that her favorites are anime, as in the case today, we will show you her incredible illustrations of jujutsu kaisen, the popular anime. The girl, with her talent, He shares 4 of his characters with uswith a very aesthetic style that we believe will interest you.

In the first image, it shows us the beautiful nobara kugisakiwho with his distinctive haircut and wearing a white crop top and a little sweat, everything seems to indicate that he was training, since he is putting bandages on his hands and part of his arms.

The second illustration is from Satoru Gojōwho we can see showing off her beautiful blue eyes, silver hair and a long-sleeved black shirt along with hanging sunglasses.

The third is about Megumi Fushigurowho poses sitting on some stairs, wearing a white t-shirt, jeans and accompanied by his divine dogs.

The fourth, and final illustration, is from Yūji Itadoriwho appears with a very carefree look in a long black hangover t-shirt, along with a longboard skateboard on his back which has stickers of his friends.

How can you look Jenny is a designer who has earned her fame and popularity, because her works are not only varied, but made with great quality and have very interesting touches, as well as showing us fresh versions of some of our favorite characters. We hope this fan art has been to your liking, please continue on eGamesNews.